Clowning Around Australia

My name is Peacefull, I am a World Peace Sustainability Clown.  My previous blogs documented my journey around the world as a Peace Clown and my ongoing blog ‘Peace is Our True Nature’.  I am on a journey home.  This means that I am seeking to live in peace with myself, others and the planet.  This blog is to document my journey around Australia. 

This trip is to share my skills as a Rotary Peace Scholar and offer schools the opportunity to receive workshops on conflict resolution, values education, peace education, sustainability, clowning and juggling.    I have used the acronym REAL HOPE in my programs which refers to:  Responsibility, Empathy, Awareness, Love, Honesty, Oneness, Peace and Enjoyment.  These are the universal values and when they are aligned, naturally we give service. 

I am sharing the peace and sustainability message with schools and I am interested in the voice of children.   The journey is an inner peace journey so I will be working on undoing any negativity from my life and working in harmony with whatever turns up.  I keep planning to a minimum as I wish to observe life turn up as it does.  The harmony in myself is the harmony of the planet itself, as I am not disconnected.  I am also aware that my stewardship is about being aware of how I impact on the planet and seeking to make this a sustainable planet for all life forms. 

I will share with you historical information about the towns and characters I meet, as life is always full of surprises.  I am astounded by the goodwill in the community.  I will be meeting many children so will be happy to share the photo gallery and video’s will be uploaded to Youtube.

Australia is a vast country but full of mystique and one of the most ancient countries on the earth.  I feel this will conclude my world trip and will be my contribution to peace and a better world.

Enjoy the journey with me.


Mohandas Gandhi

“Nobody can hurt me without my permission.”



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