Clowning, Jail, Markets and Dancing under the Luna Eclipse

I went clowning at a play centre.  I haven’t done much clowning that is commercial, so I was curious.  I arrived at the place and met the client.   I left my gear there and went off to find the coffee shop.  I was standing in the shop and it seemed… Continue reading

Canberra: Life, Friends and Family

Life in Canberra has been interesting. Like most of this trip I feel I am revisiting places for closure. I am allowing life to show up with not too much planning. I cannot find my address book so just can’t contact friends here and my mobile is gone. Because I feel everything happens for a… Continue reading

Canberra: Reconnecting with Family and Friends

My journey to Canberra was 700km up the Hume Highway. I started at 6am and arrived around 2pm.

Canberra is where I grew up and it is aboriginal for meeting place. It is a political city with many industries created to support government projects. It is now around 60% private sector. Yet today I see… Continue reading

Melbourne: Reconnecting and Musings about Life

Visting Eliza and The Work

After I left my friend Donita’s I headed for Brunswick to have a coffee and lunch. I then headed to see my friend Eliza. Funnily enough I seem to have lost my phone with my other friends address. I was supposed to go to a party and stay the night… Continue reading


Mohandas Gandhi

“If we are to teach real peace in this world, and if we are to carry on a real war against war, we shall have to begin with the children.”



aboriginal (8)
animals (1)
Camping (2)
Clowning (6)
Commodities (2)
Community (3)
Conflict Resolution (3)
Economy (3)
Education (1)
Empowerment (1)
Environment (7)
Environmental Protection (3)
Explorers (2)
Family (4)
Flora and Fauna (4)
Freedom (5)
Friends (4)
Future (2)
Gender (2)
Geography terrain (7)
Geology (10)
Government (1)
Happiness (2)
Harmony (8)
Health (1)
History (35)
Indigenous (22)
Journal (80)
Journey (21)
Knowledge (2)
Marine (1)
Military (4)
Mystery (6)
Nature (18)
Nonviolence (2)
Nuclear (1)
Peace (3)
Poetry (13)
Sacred Sites (8)
Society (5)
Sustainability (1)
Teaching (3)
Towns (2)
Values (1)
Violence (2)
Water (2)
Wildlife (1)

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