Port Augusta and Barmera

I stayed with my friends from the Sisters of Mercy.  I drove one of the nuns to Barmera for a Catholic Gathering. I went for a drive around the area and a walk and joined them in some activities. I came out with them to a local dance, priests sitting on both side of me. It was interesting to step into their world.

Some of their diocese had been to Jerusalem, Israel. I sat in on their slideshow and asked why the Pope needed a Pope mobile given he is god’s representative. They didn’t really know how to answer. However, they were respectful of my pointed question. One catholic made comments on her concerns about the Palestinians.

My friend Liz and I and the priest from the Philippines drove back to Port Augusta. They were very kind to me and said that they are into service. So I could have stayed as long as I liked. I loved their attitude to life and people. We had some differences spiritually but they were very honorable I noticed. So here some photos of the countryside and the Murray.


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Mohandas Gandhi

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”