Travelling to Cape Naturaliste, South Western Australia

I decided to take a trip to Albany in between housesits.  The weather has been quite extreme this week with winds almost horizontal and very heavy rain.  Obviously not the best for camping.  I stayed with a new friend for a couple of days and she encouraged me to wait back one… Continue reading

Albany: Wind farm, Bridging gaps, nature and meeting people in reflection

I spent a few days couch surfing with a lovely couple. We had some honest conversations about life, ego and fulfillment of dreams. The husband had successfully completed a project in India to clean up towns, affecting 500,000 people. He emphasized the importance of humility when in service to others. I understood that but as… Continue reading

Perth: Couch Surfing and Changing My World

I am staying with a wonderful couple. One is a former chemical engineer and the other is a trainer and currently working in the child abuse area. I find traveling from house to house really refreshing as I gain insights into other worlds and takes on life.

My dear friend Rem described himself as being… Continue reading

Walking, thinking and reflecting on life

I have stayed couch surfing at Dion’s place for 4 days. He has been a great host. Very kind and sensitive guy. He is wise and working out life. I feel he is a person of service. It is so nice to see a younger man with such potential.

I’ve been walking to the city.… Continue reading

Perth: Couch surfing on my journey

I’ve just been couch surfing with a couple who were great to get to know. I really appreciated how Michele the wife, just loves to help travellers. She said she can’t say no. What I really like is that she leaves couch surfers in her house and goes to work. Does not give a second… Continue reading

Clowning, Jail, Markets and Dancing under the Luna Eclipse

I went clowning at a play centre.  I haven’t done much clowning that is commercial, so I was curious.  I arrived at the place and met the client.   I left my gear there and went off to find the coffee shop.  I was standing in the shop and it seemed… Continue reading

Perth: New Experiences and Moving Around

The last couple of weeks I have been house-sitting a lovely place for a family that have become friends. My job was to feed the cat, the goldfish and to water the garden. I have found myself very tired but have started to gain my energy. I didn’t realize how exhausting the traveling has been… Continue reading

Perth: Friends, New friends and Clowning

I’ve been here a few weeks. Thought I would quickly record some of my impressions.

I noticed how relaxed I am in a new city, have to thank the GPS for that. I just love not knowing where I am and having the voice say turn left in 600 metres. Sometimes it takes me on… Continue reading

Life in Perth and the Future

I’ve been in Perth nearly a week. I have landed on my feet phew. I have a friend who has a tribe of friends here and some have kindly taken me in. I had about $11 in my account, so either that or the street. So far the latter hasn’t been an option (have tent… Continue reading

Coolgardie to Perth


I awoke at the caravan park, there had been a big wind overnight and my walls were flapping around all night.  I had to laugh my bed started to go down, must be a small hole, had to pump it up twice in the night.

I got up and packed away the tent.… Continue reading


Mohandas Gandhi

“Each one has to find his peace from within. And peace to be real must be unaffected by outside circumstances.”