Sustainability & Peace Encouragement Award for Kids to Unite People (SPEAK UP Award)

Worldpeacefull is establishing a Sustainability & Peace Encouragement Award for Kids to Unite People (SPEAK UP).  This is an Award that will be set up around the world to encourage young people between 10 and 18 to develop projects in peace and sustainability.  It is a great way to focus young people on… Continue reading

Dreaming of An Ancient Earth In Rebirth

I was sitting peacefully tonight reading an inspiring book listening to Yothu Yindi an Australian indigenous group. Most of the album is indigenous music with sticks, didgeridoo and a singer. It was mesmerising. I found myself closing my eyes and really feeling the sounds in the music. The rhythm was fast and the didgeridoo just… Continue reading

Meeting My Place in the Sun

I keep feeling these incredible feelings of happiness. It is unbelievable. I just can’t stop smiling. I feel so happy and I find myself repeating it every day. I have to write a poem, but never can my poetry bring you this feeling, as it is pure joy. I don’t need anything but what I… Continue reading

The Ochre Track of My Dreaming

I visited the Simpson’s Gap which is 5 minutes from where I am staying. It was unbelievably inspiring. I cried as I took in this monolithic vision. I have travelled the world but never seen sights like this. I felt to write a poem to try and find the words, as I was speechless on… Continue reading

Truth and Reconciliation Between Indigenous and Anglo Australians?

I have been reading a book called Sacred Australia. I felt inspired to look at it this morning and felt myself cry with the sense of connection to the indigenous people and spiritual nature of this land.

I thought rather than refer to my notes I may just write this intuitively. I have felt since… Continue reading

The Song of A New Dreaming

I sat tonight with the inspiration to write a poem. I just sat until I got the feeling of what I was to write. I might add it is the feeling I sit with the writing comes as I start.

This poem came to me as I feel myself blending with the natural world I… Continue reading

Balancing the Dreaming and the Dreamtime

It is interesting when I explore the Indigenous dreaming you can feel the awareness of a people that goes beyond the material world. There is no coinidence that in every indigenous tradition around the world the spiritual is integrated. Often you read the word harmony, within that is non resistance to what is.


The… Continue reading

Aboriginal Medical Lore

I was speaking with an elderly man today with a very painful back. We spoke of medicines and he said that the by product of the painkillers he took caused more problems. It led me to think about natural remedies and finding ways to cure without chemicals.

The aboriginal people were great healers. Here is… Continue reading


Mohandas Gandhi

“Only as high as I reach can I grow, only as far as I seek can I go, only as deep as I look can I see, only as much as I dream can I be.”