Banjo Patterson: The Man from Snowy River

The Man from Snowy River is well known by Australians and depicts the spirit of courage of the stockmen and indeed their horses. This poem is about a bushman pursuing a wild horse, I believe there are around 300 wild horses in the Snowy Mountain area of South East Australia. Banjo Patterson became famous for… Continue reading

Dreaming of An Ancient Earth In Rebirth

I was sitting peacefully tonight reading an inspiring book listening to Yothu Yindi an Australian indigenous group. Most of the album is indigenous music with sticks, didgeridoo and a singer. It was mesmerising. I found myself closing my eyes and really feeling the sounds in the music. The rhythm was fast and the didgeridoo just… Continue reading

Meeting My Place in the Sun

I keep feeling these incredible feelings of happiness. It is unbelievable. I just can’t stop smiling. I feel so happy and I find myself repeating it every day. I have to write a poem, but never can my poetry bring you this feeling, as it is pure joy. I don’t need anything but what I… Continue reading

Uluru’s Re-Creation

I went to Uluru today (Ayers Rock) and cried as I felt its sacred heart. I spoke to a man at the camping ground, he was disappointed, he prefered colonial history as he grew up with the swagmen. I smiled at what is sacred to each of us and respected the difference. I felt pulled… Continue reading

The Ochre Track of My Dreaming

I visited the Simpson’s Gap which is 5 minutes from where I am staying. It was unbelievably inspiring. I cried as I took in this monolithic vision. I have travelled the world but never seen sights like this. I felt to write a poem to try and find the words, as I was speechless on… Continue reading

The Song of A New Dreaming

I sat tonight with the inspiration to write a poem. I just sat until I got the feeling of what I was to write. I might add it is the feeling I sit with the writing comes as I start.

This poem came to me as I feel myself blending with the natural world I… Continue reading

The True Wealth of Freedom


The cloudless blue sky,
Succumbs to the reds, crimsons, pinks of the fading sunset,
As the painting of the real life,
Becomes a water colour,
The colour leaching out of a long day,
To return us to the darkness of our sleeping,
Under the stars.

My worldly possessions,
Are not… Continue reading

Enlightening the Road of My Life

The tent is my cathedral,
My bed and my desk my possessions,
Setting the stage for lifes precession
for I can feel the air,
I can shiver with the cold,
I can sweat with the heat,
And listen to the insects crawl,
For this is the Australian crawl,
That can never lose.

I hammer… Continue reading

Living Life Gracefully


Imagine a life of no fear,
Imagine every moment as a blessing,
Where it is not in being right,
But knowing all is good,
Even when shades of grey appear,
Transitioning from dark to light,
Always contrasts help us to see,
The very essence that sets us free.

I am learning to let… Continue reading

Adapting to Natures Song


The cool air descends,
The moisture like diamonds forms droplets on the tent of my life,
I can hear the camping ground falling to sleep,
As dogs bark in the distance,
For I am in a dusty town,
An oasis of life,
In a vast expanse of a country,
I do… Continue reading


Mohandas Gandhi

“God has no religion”