Summary of British Nuclear Weapons Tests in Australia

Summary – British Nuclear Weapons Tests in Australia

Jim Green

National nuclear campaigner – Friends of the Earth, Australia

The general attitude of white settlers towards Australian Aborigines was profoundly racist; Aboriginal society was considered one of the lowest forms of civilisation and doomed to extinction. Their land was considered empty and available… Continue reading

The woomera of Truth and Peace Making is Not at War

The definition of woomera is a type of notched stick used by native Australians to increase leverage and propulsion in the throwing of a spear. For myself in this title it is the spear of truth I am interested in. My target is real peace or another way of feeling it is harmony.

When I… Continue reading

Australia: The Sacred, The Scared and Nuclear Exposure

I use the words the sacred, the scared and nuclear exposure in respect of the indigenous see all land as sacred. Moreover, when you are in sacred alignment with yourself you will express values of compassion, empathy, love and respect. The sacred is really connection with the true spirit of our humanity. Indigneous and non… Continue reading

Exposure at Maralinga Is Nuclear Clean?

I decided to stay in Woomera as I want to see the museum. I am in a unit overnight here. I thought I heard a few bomb blasts, but went outside and couldn’t see anything.

As I was sleeping I awoke with machine guns, that was in the dream. I had many dreams and perhaps… Continue reading


Mohandas Gandhi

“My life is my message.”