Bush Medicine and Sign Language

I barely know the indigenous people of this country, on this journey I will meet with them and get to know these remarkable ancient and wise people. Here is a taste of what they know.


Creative Medicine

The suffering of the European Explorers who trekked through the hostile Red Centre of Australia has been… Continue reading

Charleville: Teaching Harmony to Teachers

I am enjoying staying in this cabin. It is so funny, I’ve only been out of Brisbane less than a week, a few days camping and you notice the ease of life of mod cons. It is nice to boil a kettle, to cook on a stove, to have a ensuite shower. Yet at the… Continue reading

Charleville: Teaching Conflict Resolution and Clowning

Today I went to St Mary’s school in Charleville. I was invited to do 3 presentations. One was on REAL HOPES 4 Conflict Resolution, Clowning Around and a Presentation to the school. Tomorrow I will train teachers in harmony.

I had a few stresses yesterday. I tried to find my blind spot cards. These cards… Continue reading


Mohandas Gandhi

“Each one has to find his peace from within. And peace to be real must be unaffected by outside circumstances.”