Perth: Marmion Marine Park & Coral Reef fragments on the Beaches

I went for a drive up to North Beach. To my surprise as I walked along short little beaches, I came across what I thought were rocks to find they were solidifying coral reefs. I was so surprised, I’ve never seen anything like it. Peppered along many little beach enclaves where these jaggered and clustered… Continue reading

Coolgardie: An Aboriginal Sacred Site, Do Not Mine!

Always I feel I look at my own anglo european culture that has to find wealth in the ground, yet increasingly I am finding wealth in the nature. When one becomes grounded in nature, no longer do you see a pile of rocks, you see a spiritual wealth that is everywhere you look. I am… Continue reading

Murray Darling Basin: Can We Manage Water?

Water is a key issue here in Australia, and will be of increasing concern with climate change in my viewpoint.

Where I grew up in Canberra we had the Murrumbidge river and used to swim in the Cotter river. I have fun memories of swimming across this river and it holds a special place in… Continue reading

Snowy Mountains: Highest Mountain Range in Australia

The Snowy Mountains are close to Cooma and many people go to Thredbo and Kosiosko to ski. I remember at the turn of the year 2000. My friend Russell and his wife and child and myself and partner went to Kosiosko. We camped at a camping ground. Then by impulse at 3am we decided to… Continue reading

The Wisdom of Children: Happy Place, Environment Club, Living Now, Mandarins and Ghost Horses

I have been listening to my niece Bella and been amazed at the wisdom coming out of her mouth. I have done a double take. We haven’t seen each other that much but I recognise instantly that she is a peacemaker and is a person who will make a difference. I think children will teach… Continue reading

Dreaming of An Ancient Earth In Rebirth

I was sitting peacefully tonight reading an inspiring book listening to Yothu Yindi an Australian indigenous group. Most of the album is indigenous music with sticks, didgeridoo and a singer. It was mesmerising. I found myself closing my eyes and really feeling the sounds in the music. The rhythm was fast and the didgeridoo just… Continue reading

The woomera of Truth and Peace Making is Not at War

The definition of woomera is a type of notched stick used by native Australians to increase leverage and propulsion in the throwing of a spear. For myself in this title it is the spear of truth I am interested in. My target is real peace or another way of feeling it is harmony.

When I… Continue reading

West MacDonnell Ranges: Peace in Ormiston Gorge

Got up at 9am and had a call from Keith asking if I would like some pancakes. I explained I was waiting for Chris to come and I would follow him to Keith’s place. Keith lives 15 km out of Alice Springs.

I had a really nice breakfast with Nicki and we talked about friends… Continue reading

The Song of A New Dreaming

I sat tonight with the inspiration to write a poem. I just sat until I got the feeling of what I was to write. I might add it is the feeling I sit with the writing comes as I start.

This poem came to me as I feel myself blending with the natural world I… Continue reading

MacDonnell Ranges Tower over Alice Springs

I was amazed to have my first glance at the MacDonnell Ranges, a huge mountain range that towered over Alice Springs. I was driving and twisting my head to really look at them. My feeling was the awesome presence of these mountains. It felt to me a sacred place.

Courtesy of Wikipedia.

The MacDonnell… Continue reading


Mohandas Gandhi

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”