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Snowy Mountains: Highest Mountain Range in Australia

The Snowy Mountains are close to Cooma and many people go to Thredbo and Kosiosko to ski. I remember at the turn of the year 2000. My friend Russell and his wife and child and myself and partner went to Kosiosko. We camped at a camping ground. Then by impulse at 3am we decided to… Continue reading

Australia: An Island of Diversity

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Australia (also known as Sahul, Australinea and Meganesia) is the smallest of the world’s continents, comprising the Australian mainland and proximate islands including Tasmania, New Guinea, the Aru Islands and Raja Ampat Islands. Australia and these nearby islands, all part of the same geological landmass, are separated by seas overlying the continental… Continue reading

Watarrka National Park: Kings Canyon

I visited Kings Canyon today and was deeply impressed by the fact that it is 350 million years old. A large crack appeared through natural forces and the canyon was formed. Originally this place was covered by an inland sea and you can see the ripples etched into the rocks. Moreover, the sand crystalised and… Continue reading

Visiting the Olga’s (Kata Tjuta) and life here

Started off my day having breakfast and chatting with a guy from Israel. He was expressing how expensive Australia is. That doesn’t surprise me, I told him many Australian’s would agree, we have duopolies in food retail (Woolworths and Coles) and they keep the prices at parity and high. There has been an inquiry into… Continue reading

West MacDonnell Ranges: Peace in Ormiston Gorge

Got up at 9am and had a call from Keith asking if I would like some pancakes. I explained I was waiting for Chris to come and I would follow him to Keith’s place. Keith lives 15 km out of Alice Springs.

I had a really nice breakfast with Nicki and we talked about friends… Continue reading

Winton to Mount Isa

Mount Isa is around 468km from Winton. I camped overnight, visited the opal and Dinosaur museum ($5). I found out that Australia supplies 97% of the world’s opal’s. I didn’t know that. It is fascinating to look at the amazing blues and greens in opal. Yet their value is not comparable to gold, although in… Continue reading

Australia: A desert island

I have been delayed leaving as a parcel I am expecting didn’t arrive. I am having some time to think through camping spots and have had a change of plan. Instead of going north I am thinking to just go west as it is a 800km drive to Charleville, the roads are not always direct,… Continue reading


Mohandas Gandhi

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