Adelaide: A Ministry of Peace

When I was in Port Augusta, I stayed with a friend of mine. I asked her where I could stay in Adelaide. The weather is cold and my money is quite low, so a Caravan Park would be challenging. I could do it, but my feeling was to stay in a house. My friend suggested… Continue reading

The woomera of Truth and Peace Making is Not at War

The definition of woomera is a type of notched stick used by native Australians to increase leverage and propulsion in the throwing of a spear. For myself in this title it is the spear of truth I am interested in. My target is real peace or another way of feeling it is harmony.

When I… Continue reading

Visiting the Olga’s (Kata Tjuta) and life here

Started off my day having breakfast and chatting with a guy from Israel. He was expressing how expensive Australia is. That doesn’t surprise me, I told him many Australian’s would agree, we have duopolies in food retail (Woolworths and Coles) and they keep the prices at parity and high. There has been an inquiry into… Continue reading

Alice Springs: Life and Musings

I offered to do a workshop for the people who have allowed me to stay at their campground. They have a big campfire and they invite people to come and share stories. For the last 4 days I’ve not been well, yesterday spent the day in bed, too exhausted to get up. That night I… Continue reading

Tennant Creek: Meeting People at the Caravan Park

On Monday I decided to do some blogging and then go for a walk around Tennant Creek. It was nice to see so many indigenous people around. As in my previous blog, I spoke of all the people I met along my way.

In the evening I set up my computer in the kitchen and… Continue reading


Mohandas Gandhi

“My life is my message.”