History: Noongar Indigenous people

I wrote an earlier blog describing an indigenous man who became upset in Perth at a Asian man playing the digeridoo and caused a disturbance. I watched him as he walked away and made the sign of an eagle. I now have a deeper understanding of why he did that. Read below and find another… Continue reading

Balancing the Dreaming and the Dreamtime

It is interesting when I explore the Indigenous dreaming you can feel the awareness of a people that goes beyond the material world. There is no coinidence that in every indigenous tradition around the world the spiritual is integrated. Often you read the word harmony, within that is non resistance to what is.


The… Continue reading

Custodians: Arrernte People of Alice Springs (Mparntwe)

I find myself turning from British History to the traditional stewards of Australia. When you see indigenous people you can see how different we are in custom and the way we think. I find myself curious about them and a desire to understand more of their way. I feel I don’t know them at all… Continue reading

Clowning in a Remote Community

I had to get up especially early today to teach clowning at 8.30am. I had a reasonably good sleep so felt energised. Leonie picked me up and I spent some time setting up.

The two junior classes were delayed so I practiced some juggling. I have a format for the workshop but often I change… Continue reading

Ilfracombe to Winton Outback Queensland

I drove 278 km’s today. I drove through such flat country yet changing every 10km. Really spectacular country. I arrived in Winton and went to the Information Centre. I saw Banjo Patterson’s statue and the words of Waltzing Matilda. This is a song that many Australian’s of my generation and older equate as the real… Continue reading

Aboriginal Medical Lore

I was speaking with an elderly man today with a very painful back. We spoke of medicines and he said that the by product of the painkillers he took caused more problems. It led me to think about natural remedies and finding ways to cure without chemicals.

The aboriginal people were great healers. Here is… Continue reading

Bush Medicine and Sign Language

I barely know the indigenous people of this country, on this journey I will meet with them and get to know these remarkable ancient and wise people. Here is a taste of what they know.


Creative Medicine

The suffering of the European Explorers who trekked through the hostile Red Centre of Australia has been… Continue reading

Dreaming Time

I felt to post up the aboriginal dream time. Funnily enough I am at the Loving Hut and just as I looked up an indigenous man walks past. Beautiful timing.

The aboriginal people mastered living with nature for more than 40,000 years, we have only been here 200 years. How fast we are destroying the… Continue reading


Mohandas Gandhi

“An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”