Tennant Creek to Canteen Creek

My friend Leonie was my host and she took me 300km South East to a remote community called Canteen Creek. We drove for an hour on the Stuart Highway (bitumen) and then turned off onto the Binns Track. It was around a 4 hour drive with a few breaks. It was beautiful driving out on a dirt road into the bush. I really enjoyed the country but did note a lot of fires had been through. I wondered if there had been volcanic activity in this area. Didn’t see much wildlife on the way in, but really felt its remoteness.

The Binns Track, running from Mt.Dare Hotel in South Australia to Timber Creek in the Northern Territory, is a very long track through some of Australia?s most diverse terrain. Adventurous 4 wheel drivers will endure everything from deep bull dust to bitumen, rocks to water crossings and travel through desert, hills, National Parks and townships. This track has everything. Be prepared. There will be plenty of bush camps and something new around every corner. There is an excellent contrast between open plains, mountain ranges and desert country that truely highlights the Outback in one complete package. 4WD skills and experience are advisable.

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