Life in Alice Springs

I am currently staying at a place called Campfire in the heart. It is run by a Christian group who’s focus is on reconciliation and sharing stories. I am pretty sure a contact in Darwin gave me a contact of a guy here in Alice Springs who is a clown doctor. He connected me with this place and another clown doctor. I am staying in a cabin which is really good as I’ve been sick with a cold the last few days. There is nothing worse then camping when unwell. You just don’t have energy. I’ve been trying to get rest here. They kindly said to me to pay what I can afford. I am very happy about that as I couldn’t afford the full price. However, I feel I am in heaven. You can’t imagine how good it feels to have a bed rather than a blow up mattress. I haven’t been travelling long, yet it is amazing how mod cons are just luxuries. A shower and toilet in the next room, luxury. A jug (kettle) luxury, a fridge luxury. All the things we take for granted. When you live out of your car, it becomes a blessing and that of real gratitude. I am loving being here.

I got a call from a clown doctor, hey that is what I need a goofy clown to turn up and entertain me. Hadn’t thought of that. Anyway, she is inviting me for 2 days at her house. So we will have heaps to discuss. I did send an email to Flying Doctors, maybe we can do some clowning at 10,000 feet. That would be fun. Hey parachuting clowns in to areas. Patch Adams suggested that once but he was referring to sending clowns into war zones. Not a bad idea, can you imagine how armies would respond when silly billy clowns turn up with whoopee cushions, squeeky noses, big shoes and breaching the lines of defence to give a hug. The soldiers would feel so vulnerable haha. I like that image. Anyway, back to reality. I will stay with her and then see some of Alice Springs. I’ve been crawling out the last few days. Then I will go to west of the city to stay with Keith. The clown doctor knows him and says he and his wife Stella are great people. Apparently where he is based is in really beautiful territory, so will be feeling better and able to explore.

There is a Steiner school nextdoor and will suggest that I come on Monday to do a class for the kids. I am sniffly so hopefully that doesn’t put them off. I have to start to work on South Australian schools, so that is my job today.

I am also reflecting on my inner peace work. What I find interesting about the work I am doing is to take full responsibility for my own thoughts and through those the world I perceive. Of course none of what we perceive is the real world, as we project onto everything. The closest to what is real comes in the form of the feeling of love. So my work is to cultivate love in myself and no matter the circumstances practice it. Saw myself slip a few times, but will keep on it. Peace or more accurately harmony is constant vigilence of yourself. So I have plenty of time to observe. I know the real life is the one that is an expression of love. What better way to live.

I want to get more into sacred Indigenous history and get the feeling that the commercialisation of their culture is not the full story. My feeling is they held much back as secret, which is a good thing. When you see all the aboriginal art hanging in the galleries, with no mention of the story, you can see the ignorance of indigenous culture in this anglo/european culture. The indigenous paintings were all about the dreaming and stories. They are nothing without that, I didn’t know that before. Yet in our culture we look at the aesthetics of paintings and decide what they mean or what they are worth. These paintings were poetry on bark, so deep with rich meanings. I am interested to learn more. Life in truth is art.

So with that, better get onto finding some schools. Have a great day and whatever meaning you give to things, is the meaning hey.

Mohandas Gandhi

“Nonviolence is a weapon of the strong”