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Masons and the ‘secret plan of Canberra’

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Overall / Masons and the ‘secret plan of Canberra’




May 25, 2016

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POWER struggles, clandestine activities and conspiracy theories… just another day in the nation’s

The Lodge St Andrew Queanbeyan No. 56’s newly invested Worshipful Master and… Continue reading

TRIC End of Special Administration of Woomera Aboriginal Corporation

In the public interest.  The Registrar of Indigeous Corporations (TRIC)


NSW social housing and care provider ready for a fresh start

The Registrar of Indigenous Corporations, Selwyn Button, has today announced the end of the special administration of the Woomera Aboriginal Corporation Albury (Woomera).

Woomera is a social housing and statutory… Continue reading

Office of the Registrar Indigenious Corporations Special Administration

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I can’t help get this feeling as I see the protectorate of indigenous people.  Why do they call this office the Registrar?

Latest news – Special administration

Office of the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations

What comes to me when I read ‘corporation’ in respect of indigenous people, I see they didn’t own the land, the land owned them.  There is the gap, not income, it is a gap that cannot be bridged until the Australian community recognises their ancient knowledge and integrates it.  We as a… Continue reading

Secret Map of Canberra

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A Secret Map Of Canberra

Chris Hammer

Volume 72, Number 1, 2013

I stand on the forecourt of Parliament House, gazing north along Walter Burley Griffin’s grand land axis. Clouds scuttle across the blue sky and tourists swirl across the brown paving, but I remain still, contemplating the vista.… Continue reading

Is There an Occult History of Canberra

This is an interesting video in the public interest.

Parliament House was designed by Freemasons to resemble sacred geometry


First Prime Minister had Values of Trust, Competence, Stability to give Hope


Fisher, Andrew (1862–1928)

by D. J. Murphy

This article was published in Australian Dictionary of Biography, Volume 8, (MUP), 1981

Andrew Fisher (1862-1928), prime minister, was born on 29 August 1862 at Crosshouse, near Kilmaurs, Ayrshire, Scotland, second son of Robert Fisher, coalminer, and his wife Jane, née Garvin. Robert Fisher,… Continue reading

Andrew Fisher Australia’s First Prime Minister

Andrew Fisher

Aborigines claim citizen rights!-a statement of the case for the Aborigines Progressive Association by J.T. Patten and W. Ferguson.
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William Ferguson

Cover of Not Slaves, Not Citizens: Condition of the Australian Aborigines in the Northern Territory by Yvonne Nicholls, 1952.
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Brian Charles Fitzpatrick


Andrew Fisher (1862-1928) served as prime minister in 1908-09, 1919-13, and 1914-15. He was one of the founders of the Labor Party in Australia. He rose to office from great poverty, beginning work in a Scottish coal pit at the… Continue reading

Foundation Stone of Canberra 12 March 1913

David Headon ‘‘But Once in a History’: Canberra’s Foundation Stones and Naming ‘


Papers on Parliament No. 59 
April 2013

David Headon ‘But Once in a History’: Canberra’s Foundation Stones and Naming Ceremonies, 12 March 1913*

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When King O’Malley, the ‘legendary’ King O’Malley,… Continue reading

Burley Griffin Society and Marion Mahony First Female Architect

  Detail from “Section B-A Northerly Side of Water Axis: Black Mountain to Lake Park”, National Archives of Australia: A710 40  

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Integrity of Canberra’s Parliamentary Triangle threatened

The Parliamentary Triangle, Canberra and its important symbolism created by the Griffins’ plan for Canberra is threatened by the proposed sale of two of its original buildings, East Block, home to the National Archives of Australia and West Block.

This privatisation… Continue reading


Mohandas Gandhi

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