The Great Australian Song: We all Belong


The great Australian lifestyle,
BBQ’s and minding your p’s and q’s,
Holidaying in the great outdoors,
Sitting reading a book,
Hearing a kookaburra,
Having a look,
For there are trails,
And grails to be found,
And always the sound of birds.

The Mung beans and bean curd,
Is the etiquette of those who sustain,
For now we must refrain,
From business and usual,
As the world is changing,
And many are aware,
That it is time to care,
For each other,
And understand
the lands,
of our birth.

I marvel at the aboriginal people,
I see them walking in white mans shoes,
And I wonder at the barefoot warriors,
Out of step with modern man,
Building camp fires in 3 bedroom homes,
Adapting to mobile phones,
4 wheel drives run into the ground,
After 40,000 years of a way of life,
Where nature leaves your footprint,
The sands blow away your impressions,
Carrying us out of the dark caves,
To a dream time of creation,
Hunting, gathering, community,
Is the unity of a heart in beat,
For nature is the provider and all must have respect,
Freedom stretches out to the horizon,
He stands with one foot cradled by the back of the knee,
Searching for a vantage point,
For he knows only what is free,
And it is everything he sees,
For there is no price on land, air or sea,
Like the Cherokee, the Inuit,
The native human makes fire and makes peace,
Moves on to new horizons of another dream,
For the land is abundant and teeming with life,
Inseparable from the sun and the moon,
Silence whispers its song in tune,
As gum leaves whistle and rustle,
Wild bush turkeys scratch and peck,
As kangaroos graze on new tufts,
For all know that the silence speaks,
As our true nature,
And this is the great Australian song,
Of which we long,
To which we belong.
for this is the sing-a-long of

Mohandas Gandhi

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”