Wycliffe Wells the UFO Capital of Australia

I headed down the Stuart Highway to a place called Wycliffe Wells. This place is calling itself the UFO capital of Australia. It is really funny as you approach this roadhouse there are tall green beings, like the little Grey’s portrayed with the big eyes standing out the front. There is a mural of space ships and a mock one. I will take a few photos.

I went into the café and there are endless photos, reports, information on sightings. The first clipping from The Centralian Advocate that got my attention was reporting that Pine Gap (US secret facility) attracts UFO’s. Interestingly Pine Gap, the Joint Defence Facility was started in Australia in 1967. This facility is top secret and designated US territory and has attracted many activists given Australia’s strategic position in the Asia Pacific region. Moreover as a listening post other countries communications can be intercepted and nuclear ships/subs coordinated amongst other activities. Concerns here relate to the fact that Australian’s do not have control of this facility and that US interests can be advanced from Australian soil. The fact it is secret is concerning as it may affect Australians and Australian security. In the article a metaphysician is interviewed called Joseph Hansell indicates that UFO’s are often sighted around secret bases. He claimed that Woomera in South Australia and Cape Kennedy in the US were prime places for UFO’s. In the article Dr. Hansell indicates that he became interested in UFO’s when he saw one 12 years ago near his home in a district of New Mexico. He said he had seen two more flying sauces since that experience. He went onto say that they came from another solar system and that they had a form of science unknown to humans. He said that the flying saucers could bring the earth a lighter dimension in his religious understanding. He said he was sure there will be a breakthrough soon that intelligent beings in these UFO’s will make themselves known to us and that from them we shall gain a much more profound basis for our religions and science. Dr Hansell’s said his religion was based on the principle that Christ, Buddha, Krishna and other prophets were sent to teach different aspects of the one religion leading directly to the one god. His UFO claims were backed up one year later by Civil Defence rescue instructor John Udall.

Another article by Daniel Bourchier stated that hundreds of people across the Barkly saw flying objects in the night sky. Residents at Ali Curung, Murray Downs and Tennant Creek as well as tourists and travelers all witnessed the spectacle on Friday evening. A Greyhound bus was parked on the side to check out the objects. A passenger said that he and two bus drivers were awake when they saw coloured lights hovering in the air. It was about 9.30pm when we saw the lights which were very bright. It was stated in the article that they looked part of a big structure. Red and blue lights encircling the object and there was a huge oval spotlight shining from underneath. It was a kilometer from them but they stated it looked enormous. Apparently the object was hovering above the treeline and the light was searching through the trees on the western side of the highway. It was a powerful light. The object then moved slowly in an easterly direction. According to the Wycliffe Wells Roadhouse proprietor, Lew Farkas, the unidentified lights have been the talk of the district all week. He said “you wouldn’t believe how many people have come in and told me about these lights.” According to the locals a group of lights passed straight over Ali Curung traveling from south to north. They said the lights were white and changed to red almost as if they had braked.

In Australia we have many folk stories about people traveling across the Nullabor plain (South Australia) and seeing UFO’s and reporting all the electricals going off in the vehicle. There have been a wide range of discussions about alien abductions. I recall years ago reading Whitley Stribers book called ‘Communion’ on his abduction by the aliens called ‘Greys’. He wrote in great detail about the ship and the experiments done. One part I recall clearly was a vision he was shown of a nuclear blast as a possible future. I’ve heard this through other sources as well.

When I speak to people about this possibility most people are open to it and it seems incredible to think we are the only beings in the universe. I’ve met quite a few people who have seen UFO’s to my surprise, so I suspect it is not as uncommon as it seems, it may well be the media is not reporting it much or there is a silence around it for fear of being seen as crazy. Even Carl Sagan, the famous NASA scientist made it clear that to be the only life form was impossible. So these sightings are very interesting and worth investigation. The walls of this restaurant are papered by articles. If you go onto YouTube and have a look at Billy Meirs photographs, he claims he has been in touch with a group called Pleiadians and was given the opportunity to photograph their ships. There are many testimonials on the internet by government, Defence and lay people about sightings. Even former President Jimmy Carter claims he has seen one. So I guess we wait and see if they disclose their presence. That will change the state of play on the planet. That would be an event coming from ‘right field’. Totally unexpected.

The reality we face is that we are not looking after our planet and we have not been able to work collectively for the greater good of humanity and other species that share this planet. We have the nuclear fire power to destroy the planet 4 times over and we spend much more than 1 million dollars a minute on warfare (fear) rather than peace (love). We are facing melting ice caps, deforestation, global warming, species extinction, loss of top soil, pollution and the list goes on. The planet does not have the resources to cater for more and more countries living the capitalist style of life. We are well outside our ecological footprint. So other more populous nations aspiring to the same flatbed screens, fridges, cars and mod cons means a collapsing environment in my view. Perhaps we need some wiser guidance on what it means to be responsible stewards of a remarkable world. We are not here to make money we are here to find out who we really are and live our purpose as part of a shared reality. Perhaps a visit could be the catalyst for real change. From the people I’ve spoken to, that would be welcome.

Mohandas Gandhi

“Nobody can hurt me without my permission.”