Kings Canyon Camping Ground

Had breakfast at the campground. Interestingly a garbage man came in and I asked a question. He ended up wanting to talk to me. He said Yulara, the name of the town where I am, means crying. He then proceeded to tell me that a corporate property trust (ILC) had bought up all the places here. He then told me they were run out of Sydney and that they had bought up islands off the east coast. My preference would be government ownership to ensure it is protected. The land here is on a 99 year lease from the indigenous people to the Government and there is an Indigenous Land Council that any developer must go through. Change takes time which is a good thing. I’ve just done some research as follows:

On 23rd May, the Indigenous Land Corporation (ILC) completed its acquisition of Ayers Rock Resort, acquiring all six hotels, campground, associated infrastructure, Connellan Airport and employee village at the Yulara tourism complex at Uluru.

The acquisition saw the ILC change the name of its ILC Tourism subsidiary to Voyages Indigenous Tourism Australia, reflecting the change in ownership and heralding a new era of Indigenous tourism and educational development at Uluru and across Australia.

In Sydney, Koos Klein has taken on the role of Managing Director of Voyages Indigenous Tourism Australia, while Ray Stone becomes Executive General Manager Sales, Marketing & Distribution. Also based in Sydney Andrew Williams joins as Executive General Manager Finance.

Based at Ayers Rock Resort, Manfred Pieper has joined as Executive General Manager Operations, while Paul Barrett continues as Executive General Manager Human Resources.

He said with the Indigenous Land Council buying up the Voyagers Resort and taking over the area, there would be more indigenous employment. I wondered about the idea of black people serving white and with the connotations of past servitude, rather than a renewed role as custodians. I felt they were better off embracing their culture as that is what is of importance here, the image of oppressors comes to mind. There is tension in aboriginal and anglo society. I think dignity is the way to go.

We talked about land ownership I said to him in truth no-one owns the land the planet is free, we humans created sub-division of land with the creation of trading and the notion of property ownership. In my understanding indigenous history depicts the aborigines as custodians. If they become business people managing a corporation I feel it will erode their culture more. It would be good to put their money into returning the young people to learn about the land. The knowledge they had of bush tucker and the land is phenomenal. I don’t think becoming more western is in their interests as we are not happy, mostly in our culture I feel. I would like to learn more about their culture and meet them rather than have anglo europeans translating it. So hopefully with the Indigenous Land Council in control they will embrace their culture more and help people to connect with living on the land, to the spiritual life, to sleeping outside, that is what I would like. However, money becomes god and then everything has a price ticket. Then people become lost in the greed rather than the true beauty of their culture.

Anyway as we talked this guy urged me to go to Kings Canyon. I hadn’t planned to do that as it is off my main track. However, it was reinforced by the Canadian nurse I met yesterday who said it was a ‘must see’. So I took that as a sign and have driven to Kings Canyon. I won’t come back this way again, however I don’t ignore when people urge me to go places. So I drove 300km to get here. I am now typing this blog on a large barrel in a pub. I’ve set up camp and will get up early tomorrow to do the 3 hour walk around Kings Canyon. So will see why I have come.

I am now in Kings Canyon and as I came in I could see a spectacular mountain range. I came into the Kings Canyon Resort and paid for a unpowered site for $19. I am setting up pretty quick these days, I think I am feeling much better and am getting stronger physically. I went to the pub and asked to use power. I plugged in and spent 3 hours editing photos. I then ordered some soup and went to listen to the entertainment. A woman and man team were entertaining the people with a little show including the audiences children. She had them with instruments and plastic hands that clap. Getting them to clap them. One boy got on a ridgy da doo (changed name) and they made farting noises. They also got people to dress up with hats and sing Australian songs. She was a bit of a clown and was taking mental notes whilst she cracked little jokes. The kids loved it and the audience felt good, so it worked out well. I went back to camp and decided to have some noodles.

This morning my friend who was the nurse gave me their kettle, so the idea was to boil water and have the noodles. I ended up chatting with this guy. He said he liked my Kodak camera. It is a film/photo camera and he said it is the best camera you can get. He said he does a lot of internet promotion, voice over work and he loves it. He said you can use a remote mike and it records from remote distances. I thought I could use it for clown cam, haha, interview people on the street with a mike. Might be fun. This guy is in the IT game and was a self confessed capitalist pig. Very interesting for me to meet him given my viewpoints on capitalism. However, we lightly talked about it and I did laugh at his statement. Apparently he was a Google authority and had set up 5 companies in 3 years. He now hardly ever went into work, paid staff very well to do it for him. He said they resented him coming in, as he comes in so rarely. They know he is on perpetual holiday. He made the point that if he went on long service they’d be happy, but to go on a holiday. He did confess he goes on holiday a lot. He also felt that employees have a mindset and that they don’t want to take on ownership. He said he offered them shares in the company but he said after experience he saw they don’t want the risk. So he stays as the entrepreneur and they work for him. He had a view that better to let employees be employees.

I also ventured the belief that people had enormous potential. I said I’ve felt this since a child. Actually I felt it in myself, for the most part of my working life I was never seen, nor my potential identified. I don’t think it ever was. I had to create my work and my life to allow myself to reach my potential. I’ve grown considerably since I took over my life. I explained to him that people were dumbed down and many didn’t believe they had potential or were not asked at work for their views. Unless they are in management, typically people are told what is wanted. That has been my experience. I only was asked once and that was when I was a temp (contractor) and it was to do with an advert from memory.

We talked about the world and he felt there were financial problems. He said that oil will find its own currency. He had negative beliefs of Obama and felt the US economy had fallen because of the people Obama had employed. He didn’t give me names. He also indicated that there would be a new currency for oil, like a euro he said, would take oil out of US dollars. I listened with interest, hadn’t heard about a oil currency but could see that happening as people seek safer havens for maintaining value. He also didn’t like Bob Brown (Greens Senator) thinking it was all about him (ego). Again he didn’t detail in policy his disagreement just didn’t like him. He didn’t seem to think the environment was a number one priority. I couched my thoughts in the fact that many countries aspire to the western lifestyle and if they all live like us we will need 4 earths to supply the demand. He didn’t comment on that. He had an attitude of letting things happen. I commented about doing something for the love of his children. He made some comment and I said well if they have to work it out it will make them resilient. I played with that thought with him to see how he responded. He didn’t appear to have solutions. However, my attitude was pretty light towards him and I had no desire to convert him or change him. I liked his comment about god and how we are all made the way we are. Some are like me, others are employees and so on. He did see a destiny in the way people are. I could accept that on the level that yes people are the way they are. However, I am into empowerment and I feel they can be inspired to see their own potential. Some will change some won’t. I personally have a positive regard for the so called average person (of which there are none). Even as a clown I saw the beauty in everyone, so for me, I think potential is there and perhaps when push comes to shove, people will rise to the challenges that confronts them. Sometimes a shock changes your life and changes your direction.

We had a chat about politicians and he felt all of it is lies. He saw nothing in Question Time (parliament), just more lies. He didn’t respect them. He had no desire himself to be a politician and trade insults. So he didn’t see himself as a change agent, probably didn’t think he could be. He did admit his stresses were his children. Perhaps being a Salesman he was good at putting a light spin on things, but I am sure deep down he is thinking about life.

I wonder how people with money will cope when the money collapses. I don’t think they can imagine life without that life line. That is when you would see the true fear, the true insecurity, suddenly the confidence would diminish overnight, if people lost their money. It is an illusion of course that we are secure, the reality is we couldn’t survive that long without the structures we have all been trained to depend on.

I spoke to a guy at Uluru who had seen me walking at the Olgas. I put that to him that the indigenous were incredible to be able to survive as long as they did and our vulnerability. He hadn’t thought about it but I could see him considering it. I joked with this bloke but deep down I am sure wondered about the secure world he was in.

We do have a responsibility to the next generation and if what we do is undermining support systems on the planet, then we need to change if we want children to have a future. Moreover, the other wildlife on the planet share this planet, I don’t believe we are the only consideration, although we do get focused on human affairs. Finding myself walking and moving through an ancient land such as Australia, it dwarfs humanity and it provides a window for me to think in terms of 300-500 million years, to consider life before humans. To consider a planet that is intelligent and balanced. I feel having been here a short time, we have much to learn about balance, freedom, happiness and peace. For me, if my success means another fails or suffers, then I am not interested in success. I do care about my impact not only on other people but on the planet. That is why I am typing this in a tent. I am thinking deeply about awakening myself to try and live with deeper respect for life. I don’t want people to work for me, I don’t want to live off other’s fear of insecurity. I would love to free them to live in peace and happiness which I feel is there birthright. I do believe we can create a world community where we can do what we love, we can support each other and live our purpose but on the basis of love not fear. I believe wholeheartedly in every person I meet and I think in their personal lives they are phenomenal in what they do and the experience they acquire. As I indicated earlier I see no ordinary people. I respect they are choosing their life and believing their limitations but I am sure when life creates a context of a defining moment, I know people will act from the highest good. I’ve seen it so many times, even whilst traveling.

For me the highest joy is to bring happiness. I don’t care about the money at all. I told this guy that I feel like I am in love. I said I can’t believe the joy I feel sometimes. I said I believe it is because I am living what makes me happy, I am not denying that. To be a clown is my joy, to travel is joy, to teach is a joy and to be free is a joy. I am just bursting with happiness every day, for quite a long time now. I know I have made the choices that have served me. I asked the IT guy how happy he is? He said he is happy but I could see in his eyes he is not in love with life. That is okay of course, most wouldn’t feel what I am feeling as many are distracted. Nor would they believe it is possible, but I can assure you it is, when you are true to yourself.

So when the lies stop, the truth emerges naturally and we see clearly how great we truly are. What makes us not feel good is the awareness that we are lying or projecting the pretence. So as you inquire into lies or negative beliefs you realise that truth is there. You always feel positive. That is what I see anyway. I know you are great. The self proclaimed capitalist pig was gorgeous too. I saw his beauty and humour. I saw his kindness as well. I have plenty of room for everyone in my world. I dislike no-one. We are all doing what we feel is our best or what is right. I can only be me within this smorgasbord called life. I try not to judge it, just lead from love.

Of course I am still learning.

I do know life is a gift.

Much love,

a peace clown

Mohandas Gandhi

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”