Uluru’s Re-Creation

I went to Uluru today (Ayers Rock) and cried as I felt its sacred heart. I spoke to a man at the camping ground, he was disappointed, he prefered colonial history as he grew up with the swagmen. I smiled at what is sacred to each of us and respected the difference. I felt pulled to this site and for me, it represents the end of my world trip, the last sacred site I am to visit. I feel completion and the sense of going home, whatever that means in truth.


Am I dreaming?
Am I awake?
The landscape of my country,
Shimmers and waves in the heat,
For it welcomes me home to my heart,
After a long time.

The pink rock,
An earthen ware,
Sculpted by lifes forces,
Myths and legends,
Feather the dream time,
As the ochre of sunspots,
Form the moon scape,
As uluru has a story,
Calling dreamers to awaken.

A clay comet,
Craters masking space and time,
A portal of ancestors,
Creator gods,
Instructing the people on how to dream,
To awaken,
To the real life,
Beyond time.

The dance is another page in dreamtimes,
The song sticks stop,
The page turns,
For history is in her step,
Her story is in his in-step,
For she is stepping short and fast,
He is stomping high and slow,
Fast slow stop is the morse code,
Flowing with nature,
The rhythm of arrhythmia,
Finds the full stop,
As an oral teaching,
Of passing knowledge,
For the tree of knowledge,
Does not know,
It feels dances,
It listens to singing song lines,
But never speaks of what it knows,
For the body has a memory,
That needs no language or authority,
As the dance never changed for 50,000 years,
It is known without thinking,
For the creative carries the water of love,
Gathers the ideas of survival,
Spears the wisdom of experience,
As the corroboree is one voice corroborating,
One heart radiating,
That sings for the creator,
For the relationship is of intimate lovers,
As universal law holds the tribe in harmony,
As ancestors are watching the law,
Guarding the harmony of mind, body and spirit,
That it not a festival,
But a celebration,
As life weaving with life itself,
As a Rainbow serpent.

I feel the rock as alive,
It is calling me home,
I am not alone in my quest,
As I rest with my heart in the mind of my country,
Each step on this journey a personal test,
To re-member life,
The ancient spark,
That lives in human memory,
No matter the colour, caste or creed,
The seed was planted in fields of fire,
To germinate at the right time,
And that time is now.

Uluru I bow before you,
For I am honoured to be called,
I feel your heart beat,
For I stand at the centre of the earth,
The red earth a blood of many generations,
A signal,
A sign post,
A beacon,
Connecting the east to the west,
As all sacred sites are inter-connected,
A crystalline grid of ley lines,
Pulsating free energy transmitters,
Awaiting the summer solstice alignments,
Calibrating time,
Harvesting in kind,
For the creator is always kind to creation,
For we re-await,
In space on time.

Mohandas Gandhi

“Nobody can hurt me without my permission.”