Cooma: Staying with Family

I headed to Cooma and had a whiring sound in my engine. Luckily enough I’d been to my friend’s place to do some computer backups and video uploads and decided not to eat there. As a result I stopped at a shop and just as I pulled in the car made strange noises. So I had to get credit for my phone and ring Damien who is a mechanic. He came around as he is 5 minutes away (phew) and found a loose bolt. So I then did the bolt and headed for Cooma. The weather was very wet and pelted down at points on the trip. It is about 1 hour south from Canberra. The countryside is very undulating and filled with rocks, it has a high energy. You find lots of quartz crystal in the soils here and there are quite a few aboriginal sacred sites.

I drove to my brother’s property and saw bella and him coming down from the house. We then proceeded to pack my stuff into the little shed. That is the last of my gear, so when I leave Canberra I have only what is in my car.

We headed to a place my brother is house sitting. We spent a lot of time talking about life and the importance of facing derpession and emotions. Being a male he has had to learn to suppress his feelings and he has had some real hardships to contend with in life. So we are having a really good time together.

He organised a BBQ with a family yesterday, they are a christian family and Ellie the mother told me she had ovarian cancer last year and found she had to face it alone. She said it deepened her faith. She is homeschooling her kids and found it was more facilitation than teaching. She said they had moved from Sydney and is really loving the friendliness of the cooma area. People actually are friendly rather than so busy in Sydney. So they are loving being here with their two kids. Her father was with her, apparently he raised her from 9 years old. Apparently her mother died of cancer at the exact age she was when she got cancer. So she had a lot of fear of leaving her family.

Myself and Bella we walked around the land here. There is a wonderful flowing river and small rapids and lots of pebbles and rock formations. We climbed the mountain and went to the other side where the water was calmer. It was beautiful and very clean and clear. We loved the feeling of climbing and exploring nature.

Today I am with Bella and I am going to write a blog on her experiences as a peacemaker at school. Bella is 10 years old. So i will introduce you to the wisdom of a child.

Mohandas Gandhi

“If we are to teach real peace in this world, and if we are to carry on a real war against war, we shall have to begin with the children.”