Coolgardie to Perth


I awoke at the caravan park, there had been a big wind overnight and my walls were flapping around all night.  I had to laugh my bed started to go down, must be a small hole, had to pump it up twice in the night.

I got up and packed away the tent.   I saw my friends, Paul and Tracey, were still sleeping, I wanted to give them a business card before I left. 

I made some lovely porridge yum and wandered over to their tent as there was movement at their camp.  They have a tent that you can instantly blow up.  I thought of that the other day, why can’t you hit a button and it inflates, well you can I was to learn.  They had a circular tent, I really liked it and next time I camp if I have the funds I will buy this one.  After a long drive you are tired, although I must say it is good exercise. 

Paul and Tracey wanted to head off out bush but they don’t have a four wheel drive and it had been raining, so they were mindful of being bogged.  Maybe just side roads off the highway, not too far I suggested.  I gave them a card and said when they are in Perth to catch up, I will make them dinner.

I went back to my car and when I started the engine a whirring noise again.  I thought the problem yesterday mustn’t have been the problem.  I noticed Paul and Tracey leaving and they did stop to think about helping me.  Maybe they noted I hadn’t waved them over but had waved them goodbye.  So they left.  I focused on the car and thought about no funds to fix it, not even credit.  It is not a total drama I could ask a friend to help out over the next few days, nothing is impossible to sort out.  I didn’t panic I just went into problem solving mode.  I went and spoke to the caravan park owner.  He greeted me with warm eyes, the night before it was funny, he was intellectually taking me on over the elites.  I challenged him quite a few times and bluntly told him he wasn’t listening, I liked the way he retorted ‘I am listening carefully’.  He had a hard face but looks can be deceiving.  Mine as well.  I can be seen as well to do as I dress well and I am blonde so erroneous stereotypes come around that, no-one would ever guess me a clown with a semblance of economics knowledge, so I kind of like that.  We had differences of seeing but we didn’t get upset with each other.  It was probably more of a challenge and similar interests.  He was an ex navy man and had been around.  I lent him my book on the subject of the global elite and he gave it back to me.  He said it was very detailed but confirmed what he thought about this ruling class.  I will do a blog on this subject soon, I have to finish reading it.

I stood there with him and asked if he had knowledge of cars.  He said he didn’t and that all the mechanics were closed.  I realized it is Sunday.  I told him I have no money, I could try RAC (call it in WA) that is roadside assistance.  I thanked him and wished him a good day and to have fun I said as an afterthought. 

I walked over to a couple.  I saw a motorbike and thought maybe he is a bikie, he’d know mechanics.  So I asked the rough looking guy if he had any mechanical knowledge.  He said ‘what is the problem?’.  I said ‘there is a whirring sound under the bonnet.’  He said he’d have a look.  So he mozied over with a lady, nice people I thought.  I told him ‘there is an angel in every caravan park’ smiling.  He had a listen and quickly diagnosed that my air conditioning unit had seized.  Somehow the gears were trying to engage and he suggested he should cut the aircon belt.  I had had this belt put on in Alice Springs.  At first I said yes then he said I will lose power-steering.  I said no, as it is very heavy and I can’t swerve.  I had another 500km’s to go.  So he didn’t do that.  He looked around and I gave him some WD40 (lubricant) my thinking was to somehow loosen what was seized up.  Suddenly the car lost the whirring noise.  I was happy.  He was quick to say ‘it wasn’t me your car fixed itself’.  I said ‘you are the magic man’, he again repeated it wasn’t him.  I laughed and was relieved as she (car) was purring like a kitten, yay I thought.  I told them about my trip and my work and I could see a warmth in his face.  He was a kiwi (New Zealander), I told him years ago I’d married a kiwi.  I like them, they are typically kind people I have found.  I felt like hugging him but did hold back a little.  I thanked him so much for giving his time to me.  Really kind.  The lady, not sure if she was his partner, she said I was lucky to find him, as he had just dropped in for a cuppa with her.  Indeed I was lucky.

With that jumped in my car relieved and thinking my life is blessed.  It just amazes me how things work out.  Anyway I drove towards the exit and tooted.   I went over the road to the service station to get some petrol.  It was about $1.59 per litre, prices starting to come down.  I stood in the queue and chatted with a nice guy.  Turns out he is a local and he made the point that people rip others off, can’t recall how that came up.  I then told him about the bikie who had helped me.  He smiled feeling his faith restored.  I told him I found people mostly kind.

I took off down the freeway and settled into driving mode.  I had my coffee in the centre console, put on some meditation music.  I am working on inner peace as I am driving and clearing my own energy.  Letting go of the past and envisaging the future.  I am contemplating where my peace work is going and focusing on meeting the right people.  I am also trusting life.  I reflected on the caravan park situation.  Had my friends Paul and Tracey stopped I would not have met the mechanic.  I could have thought how sad they didn’t help me, instead I thought life is perfect.  This is the beginning of what I would call unity consciousness.  I am seeing the perfection in all actions.   Another reflection is one of my friends, I’ve known her for 25 years was going to put me up in Perth, she honestly told me she can’t as she is starting a new job, the room they would give to me is used by her to sleep and her kids for computer.  Her intentions were very good but the practicality of it didn’t work.  I could have thought or blamed her for putting me in a situation of having to wing it, but I don’t think like that.  My preference is for her to have peace and happiness, I’d much rather people be totally honest, they are not letting me down just stating the reality from their end.  So I just sit in a space of curiosity, I wonder what will happen and who I will meet. 

I had sent off an email to Bronwen and we had spoken, she is my good friend in Melbourne.   I also asked a close friend of mine to lend me $100 to cover petrol and expenses in Perth.  I don’t want to stay with zero money, I like to contribute.  So that email went off last night as well.  Anyway, Bronwen left me many messages when I got into mobile range.  I rang her and she suggested I stay with a friend’s mum.  I rang this lady and she began to work out how much she would charge me.  I quickly told her I have little money and couldn’t afford to stay.  She said I could put my tent up in her back yard, I said to her my bed had gone down over night.  Basically it wouldn’t work.  She made a comment about how can people be poor?  I found myself in a peaceful space with this lady, in her 60’s, I believe.  I said to her gently that some people find themselves without money, in my case the petrol prices were very high and I don’t have much.  I asked Bronwen if she could assist me.  She has lots of friends in Perth as she had lived there.  I felt the anxiety in this lady’s voice.  Bronwen had told me she had suffered depression.  I gently said to her I didn’t think my coming would be appropriate for her.  I felt it would make her more anxious and I wasn’t keen on my stay being a financial transaction, it didn’t feel right.  She accepted that.  I got off the phone and reflected on the money aspect.  Was I not right in expecting people to put me up for free? Should I pay more? This of course is the business as usual mentality and all of us have been brought up with ‘don’t sponge off others’, ‘be independent’, ‘stand on your own two feet’.  My inner feeling was we are shifting from this mentality to one of freedom.  This one is community orientated where we are each others keepers.  What goes around comes around.  So when people give they are experiencing their own wealth, in truth.  That doesn’t mean I go through life playing a psychological game that I am allowing people to experience their own wealth, I give also.  I only give when the feeling is there.  So that it is natural.  I gave quite a few of my things to the Sisters of Mercy and cooked for them, I interviewed them for Youtube.  So my giving may not be money but it may be time, it maybe wisdom, it might be sharing in some way.  This is the mentality of a new earth where we are indeed ‘the other’.  What does that mean?  It means I see myself in you.  My time will come when someone will come to my door in need and I will take them in. I will feel empathy and allow them to stay.   The lady I encountered I doubt would ever have been in a situation of needing a place to stay, so it was hard for her to understand.  I understood that and I let her off the hook without making her feel she had been unkind.  I actually felt she was incredibly generous to consider me, given her fears and need for money.  She still was willing to allow a stranger into her house.  So all was good in my book.

I rang Bronwen and she said her friends Lauren and Damien had responded on Facebook.  She said you will find them the opposite.  Very kind and welcoming.  So I rang Lauren and indeed had a great vibe.  She organized for me to come over.  I felt happy, a bed for a few nights.  The humility of not having somewhere to stay and having no money to pay your way out of something, comes to you, your reliance on life is evident and indeed kindness.  You feel gratitude for life and a feeling that life is supporting you.  This is indeed my work.  It is to trust all is as it should be.  Even had my car not worked, something interesting would have happened.  So in truth we don’t panic we go with the flow.  That is peace.

I drove on and saw a large Ettamogah Pub.  I love these pubs.  There is one near Albury in Victoria which is closed down.  They are larger than life pub’s based on a popular cartoon series.  Very aussie as they say.   I felt to stop, nearly didn’t, but the feeling was to stop.  I went over and had a cuppa.  I took photo’s of the laminated cartoons all over the walls.  Loved the humour of the outback pub and aussie attitudes.  Some may find them patriarchical but you can love them as well.  I had a coffee and stretched my legs, sore bum.  When you are the only driver the ‘ol buns feel like a paddy.   I decided to go for a walk to stretch.  I walked into a building and saw a sign ‘Nature and Grace’.  I walked to the loo (toilet) first and mozied back to this little room with interesting artifacts in it.  I smiled at the lady and looked at the local photos.  she said they are voting on the best to win a prize.  We got chatting and she is trying to save the old Hall there.  She wants to keep the community spirit alive.  I really liked that.  I told her I also believe in community and peace.  She had a picture of Gandhi up on the wall.  I told her my stories of Gandhi, how he visited me in a dream, certainly felt real and told her of my trip to India visiting his ashram.  She told me she has a fascination for hearts, people give them to her.  I said ‘you are opening the heart, that is a good sign’.  I said the energy right now is that people are starting to connect with compassion, some are also dealing with issues coming up etc.’  she said she felt she was getting deeper with her faith and she said she had experienced Reiki.  This is a healing modality where people hold their hands over you and recite words or symbols which heal, apparently.  I have had it a few times and felt heat and indeed a pulse of energy through me.  So I do believe it works.   She said she was feeling low when she had Reiki and she felt heat, she saw light and heard a voice telling her she was loved.  She had tears in her eyes in sharing this with me.  Most definitely a spiritual experience.  I told her about my trip around Australia and my work on inner peace, being a clown and the anti-bullying area.  She gave me a paper that was on bullying by a Perth based woman, I will follow that up.  She and I really resonated with life and the changes.  She said she had inspired her children by putting together the photographic exhibition in this little room.  One of her daughter’s, in particular, had really helped her.  I said ‘through your example you change your children’.  She agreed.  She was definitely coming into her own sense of service to community.  We hugged and she at times held my hands.  It was so beautiful to meet a person and make such an instant connection.  She said I was meant to come into her shop, she said as I walked passed (going to toilet) she said she had wished I would come in.   I felt to go in as it looked interesting, I liked the words ‘nature and grace’, that drew me.  I looked out the window and saw a lot of people in a group near my car.  I noticed a few young people looking at the car.  I smiled and told her, ‘people find my car interesting’, it has butterflies (glowing) on the bonnet, have a happy face and stickers all around.  I have lots of rocks on the dashboard.  I just marvel at how amazing mother earth is, I really feel the connection to nature.  The rocks really draw me, I have to laugh.  What a country, what a world I think.  The lady I was speaking to had a love heart around her neck, I said I’ve got one on the back of my car with ‘life’ next to it – love life.  That is also on my presentation around the world as a clown.  I think that is the message of the times we are in.  Learn to love life and be grateful.    The insecurity most feel will fade as we learn to love ourselves and others.  To open our homes to each other, to take a few risks, to allow life to turn up and find ways to learn from it.  Rather than fighting it, living in victim mode (victim of life) or cynical about people and love.    I’ve had reason to be cynical but I am choosing to love.  I choose to love those who don’t love me, those who judge me and now I am seeing perfection in that.  I am seeing the world as a continuous energy, not just day in day out, I see it as flow.  This is definitely changing within me.   The lady and I exchanged numbers and will keep in touch. 

I went up to my car and saw many indigenous people having lunch together.  I smiled at them and waved.  They smiled back and saw the owner of the crazy car.   I felt a connection with them, I am not sure how my clowning will work with them, but the love is there.  I love all people actually.  I see such a beauty and perhaps that is why I attract so many good experiences into my life.  Anyone following this blog would see how many I meet and how mutually enjoyable it is.  To live in fear of others or to distrust people is so limited.  We miss out on the real life that is all around, I can assure you even if you are alone, love is all around you.

I drove down the highway watching the environment slowly change from bushes and gum trees to thicker trees, pastoral lands as I got closer to Perth.

Finally I found myself on the outskirts of Perth, looked really pretty, lots of leafy trees and nice homes.  The GPS took me to the wrong address, that can easily happen as it doesn’t show suburb names.   So if you are not familiar you can end up anywhere.  I rang Lauren and ended up plugging in the address with right suburbs around.  It took me a further 45 minutes to get there.  My attitude is that I was meant to go on a tour.  I was buggered (tired) but grateful, I have a place to stay. 

I then met with Lauren and Damien an amazing couple with two kids.  I walked into this open plan house lots of red and black, very modern house.  They were welcoming.  I had a glass of red and chatted to them like long lost friends, as I do everyone.  That is how I feel, no barriers.  We went straight into a long discussion about the world and earth changes, they blew me away at how switched on they are.  Damien said he can feel the changes within himself, he knows a shift is coming.  He saw life as servitude and slavery and I was surprised at how aware he was of the current situation.  I talked about my life and work and the changes as I perceive them, aware that I don’t know much.  We spoke for hours over a nice dinner.  It was a really nice click.  Damian said ‘when Bronwen first asked I said no’, then Lauren said something like ‘what about kindness’, they are working on being better people and opening their home.  Damian explained he had had some bad experiences with house guests, but he chose to say yes.  He said ‘you were meant to come here’.  I knew in my heart, yes.  This is now becoming very evident to me as my life moves me as it does everyone.  We are all moving to a change in consciousness and life will be different.  When I see complete strangers saying the same thing I know, I see that others are picking up that change is happening.  It is refreshing to see such a lovely young couple.  Damian is a man who works with his partner, there is no role for you role for me, they are in it together.  They both had bad relationships before they met each other and Lauren said to Damian ‘just be yourself don’t try and please me’.  I heard the words of wisdom there.  Even when they speak to each other there is just respect there, no intonations about men or undercurrents of annoyance, they are a loving couple, that is what love looks like.  It is a team, not a man helping his wife or a wife allowing her man to do it all, it is sharing responsibility. 

I am here for a few days and really happy I have come to Perth.  I have a very good vibe about being here and maybe my work starts to find its feet.  I drove 8,000km or more, I communicated with 200 schools, I managed to clown in 3 schools.  That tells me the state of education.  When we are in a world where there is more social disintegration, drugs, violence why is not peace education snapped up.  What was interesting about my offer is that I have the qualifications, my offer ranged from a lecture at lunchtime to 1 hour workshops and video material.  This was for free or by donation.  So money is not the issue, it is awareness.  To break through traditional mindsets and open to values education, harmony in life, clowning around as not a childhood activity but important for human growth, to laughter as an empowering response to difficulties, this is the education of the future.  

The life of a peacemaker, particularly an independent one, is one of challenges and uncertainty, for this is the real world, it is never controlled or certain.  My life appears to be insecure, there appears to be no money in this, yet it is the most liberating life one could live.  I am free, no deadlines, no arguments, I can survive, something always comes, I can laugh and let go of ambition or notions of success in the eyes of the world, I can be myself without giving my power away, I can be happy with nothing as my life is built around my inner gifts which I give all the time.  I live in abundance, I know this because I am happy. 

My life is dedicated to humanity not my own needs which is why I have been living in this way.  My needs are taken care of but the higher needs I am focusing on.  Learning to love, learning to accept, learning to forgive, learning limitlessness, learning unconditional love this is the real wealth.  I am developing my inner world, my inner strengths my understanding through experience that life is abundant, that people are kind, that all the fears holding us back from our greatness are illusion.  This is my gift that I am giving wherever I go.  Money is unimportant and if anything, impedes the real life experience that happens when you stop controlling the show and allow the flow to take you.  That is the real nature of peace.  I am sure the indigenous people know this.  I am just beginning to get a sense of it. I have much further to go but I am working on it.

 We are all here to grow, that happens at the end of your comfort zone.  Go for it, you have nothing to lose.  Life is a win/win, no matter the outcome.

Mohandas Gandhi

“My life is my message.”