Banjo Patterson: The Man from Snowy River

The Man from Snowy River is well known by Australians and depicts the spirit of courage of the stockmen and indeed their horses. This poem is about a bushman pursuing a wild horse, I believe there are around 300 wild horses in the Snowy Mountain area of South East Australia. Banjo Patterson became famous for… Continue reading

Cooma: Indigenous History

My respect for indigenous people just grows as I marvel at their ability to survive and adapt. When I reflect on how they have come from a stone age consciousness to confront the european industralised society, it must have seemed so foreign. I believe they have adapted enormously to white society, a part of myself… Continue reading

Cooma: European History


Early Cooma

It was in March, 1849, that a survey for a reserve, or a village, to be known as Cooma, had been completed. On 29th October, 1849, Mr. T. L. (afterwards Sir Thomas) Mitchell, Surveyor General, wrote to Mr. T. S. Townsend, Surveyor at Tarcutta, by letter No. 49/600, as follows:

“in… Continue reading

Canberra: Cosmological Symbolism of Mysticism



The design for Canberra, as developed from the initial plan of 1912, by Marion and Walter Griffin, cannot be understood without recognizing that the Land Axis connecting Mount Ainslie with the War Memorial, Anzac Parade, the lake system, the Parliamentary Triangle and Capital Hill, extends to… Continue reading

Maralinga: Contamination of Indigenous Australians

I’ve just visited Woomera and tried to imagine what it must have been like during the British Atomic tests in the 1950′s and 1960′s. It is a flat plain that the British and Australian Governments viewed as empty. For the Indigenous people, they viewed the land as sacred. Interestingly, when I went to the cultural… Continue reading

Australia: The Sacred, The Scared and Nuclear Exposure

I use the words the sacred, the scared and nuclear exposure in respect of the indigenous see all land as sacred. Moreover, when you are in sacred alignment with yourself you will express values of compassion, empathy, love and respect. The sacred is really connection with the true spirit of our humanity. Indigneous and non… Continue reading

Exposure at Maralinga Is Nuclear Clean?

I decided to stay in Woomera as I want to see the museum. I am in a unit overnight here. I thought I heard a few bomb blasts, but went outside and couldn’t see anything.

As I was sleeping I awoke with machine guns, that was in the dream. I had many dreams and perhaps… Continue reading

Australia: An Island of Diversity

Courtesy of Wikipedia.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Australia_%28continent%29

Australia (also known as Sahul, Australinea and Meganesia) is the smallest of the world’s continents, comprising the Australian mainland and proximate islands including Tasmania, New Guinea, the Aru Islands and Raja Ampat Islands. Australia and these nearby islands, all part of the same geological landmass, are separated by seas overlying the continental… Continue reading

Luritja People of Kings Canyon

It is interesting when I am searching for information about the indigneous people and the diversity between tribes, I find it difficult to find out more about their culture. I am curious as to why? I am aware there is a men’s dreaming in the King’s Canyon, but I don’t know what that was about.… Continue reading

Kata Tjuta (Olga’s) Profile and Spiritual Stories

Courtesy of Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kata_Tjuta

Kata Tjuta, sometimes written Tjuṯa (Kata Joota), and also known as Mount Olga (or colloquially as The Olgas), are a group of large domed rock formations or bornhardts located about 365 km (227 mi) southwest of Alice Springs, in the southern part of the Northern Territory, central Australia. Uluru, 25 km… Continue reading


Mohandas Gandhi

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”