Adapting to Natures Song


The cool air descends,
The moisture like diamonds forms droplets on the tent of my life,
I can hear the camping ground falling to sleep,
As dogs bark in the distance,
For I am in a dusty town,
An oasis of life,
In a vast expanse of a country,
I do not know.

Tracks and trails criss cross,
As some venture off the beaten track,
In 4 wheel drives,
Motor bikes,
Bringing a style of life,
That is foreign.

Travelers come and go,
Some holiday,
Some are moving home,
Some are in retirement,
Others from other countries,
Each come to see something new,
To meet new friends,
To feel the freedom,
They worked so hard for.

Waltzing matilda,
Sings of trials and tribulations,
Back breaking work,
To tame a wild country,
As swagman braved the wilderness,
Civilization expanded as a long reach,
Learned dependency was in ascendancy,
As we never learned to live with the land,
As a mosaic of our true nature.

An ancient echo system calls me,
Can you hear it speak?
Reverberating with the sounds of crows,
The morning glory of a sunrise,
Kangaroos gently hopping,
For they are looking at the stock crossing,
The rivers of time,
Barely seen during the day they blend in with the bush brumbies,
Yet at dusk they congregate around the edges of our world,
As road trains are the juggernauts of progress,
They cannot stop in time,
So many can be seen lifeless,
It brings a tear to your heart,
Sliding down the canvas of this still life,
As we think we are apart,
And not responsible for the shape of our world.

I am moving through an ecosystem without boundaries,
I look up to see a wedge tail eagle flying above it all,
I see families eating grass moving between tufts,
Like living statues they are still as they sniff the wind,
A gentle animal with no predators,
A native of this land,
Soft footed,
Fast moving,
Clutching at their pouch,
For the joey is sneaking a look at life,
As the group travels on in search of greener pastures,
For life is drought to flood,
An endless extreme,
For which they must be adaptable,
functional and sustainable,
For this is the true harmony,
Of natures song.

The country is peaceful,
Life has a rhythm that sings to my heart,
I wish to learn that I am not apart,
That this is home,
As this is where my heart is,
I have no commercial footing,
I am returning to what is natural,
What is real,
For I feel for the future,
The shape it will become,
For we are stewards not land owners,
For one can not own life itself,
Even in a patent,
For it is patently obvious we are part of life itself,
And how can I own my arm,
Or hand,
Or leg,
It just is part of who I am,
And I am learning my part,
In this play,
Of creation.

Mohandas Gandhi

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”