Proposed Largest Coal Mine in the Southern Hemisphere

I find this interesting. I overheard a caravan park person speaking about this and the influx of miners. I found out that Wandoan is north of Miles where I stopped. It is in Queensland and it is located in a mining area. A strip between Toowoomba and Roma (I think) is the coal mining belt.

What I find interesting is the Governments proposed carbon tax and the approval of coal mines. I am sure there would be a lag effect, however it is a clash of policy now. How do we move towards a carbon free future when coal mines are still going ahead. How quickly do we need to become carbon neutral? How do coal companies adapt to this new environment where it is no longer a given because it has been a major revenue earner for the country. You can see the tensions of change.

Southern Hemisphere’s largest proposed coal mine heads to land court

Mitch Grayson

A Brisbane based environmental group says it has enough evidence to stop Xstrata building what would be the Southern Hemisphere’s largest coal mine.

The proposed mine outside Wandoan last month received initial environmental approval from the Federal Government.

The project will produce around 30 million tonnes a year.

It’s the sheer size and scale of Xstrata’s Wandoan project which has environmental group Friends Of The Earth preparing for one of it’s biggest fights.

The group has secured a hearing in Queensland’s land court in August.

Friends Of The Earth spokesperson Dr John Mackenzie says each year the mine operates it will produce more greenhouse gas than 150 countries.

“What we’re seeking from the land court is a ruling that the environmental harm in terms of the carbon dioxide equivalent emissions or the green house gas emissions from this mine will lead to environmental harm,” he says.

“Which is a significant basis for rejecting the proposal.”

Meanwhile Xstrata says it’s important for only the facts to be laid on the table.

Xstrata’s spokesman James Rickards says the company is investing $250 million into technology to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

“The clearest thing we need to ensure is the facts are on the table,” he says.

“We’re working with the data that is being presented in the environmental impact statement, that it’s not speculative numbers, that it’s hard facts based on hard science and that we are able to negotiate this appropriately in the courtroom as apposed to the public.”

The hearing has been set down in the land court for two weeks starting on August 22.

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