Enlightening the Road of My Life

The tent is my cathedral,
My bed and my desk my possessions,
Setting the stage for lifes precession
for I can feel the air,
I can shiver with the cold,
I can sweat with the heat,
And listen to the insects crawl,
For this is the Australian crawl,
That can never lose.

I hammer in my pegs,
I straighten my guides,
I recharge my light,
I’ve gone for the ride,
That enlightens my sweet life.

How can I be so fortunate?
As I lighten the load,
The road just flows before me,
My transport is my home,
My home is my journey,
My journey returns me to truth,
For this is the roof that brings comfort,
As I bring my own walls down,
For I know,
This is where the true self is found.

I am a Rolling Stone,
I feel the wind in the willows,
The fluffiness in my pillows,
The ghost in the gums,
The silent drums that keep my rhythm,
A mystery that runs through my veins,
Like decision trees,
As the road trains rumble like thunder,
For I am down under,
But living up above,
it all.

The freedom,
The choice,
No regulations,
No arguments,
Just a free spirit,
Staying no-where,
Yet now-here,
And I can think of no better place,
No-one I need to be,
No-one I need to see,
for I am loving,
What I see,
in me.

Mohandas Gandhi

“Each one has to find his peace from within. And peace to be real must be unaffected by outside circumstances.”