Living Life Gracefully


Imagine a life of no fear,
Imagine every moment as a blessing,
Where it is not in being right,
But knowing all is good,
Even when shades of grey appear,
Transitioning from dark to light,
Always contrasts help us to see,
The very essence that sets us free.

I am learning to let go,
I am learning I do not know,
And there is freedom in this,
For to know is to conclude,
To inquire into truth is the real knowledge,
Revealing the only healing,
Is in forgiveness.

The negative mind is confused,
It is to live ones truth as a ruse,
For when the unquestioned mind is questioned,
We find thoughts come and go,
Yet only love is real when you know,
A magnetic field with 20:20 vision,
360 degrees of panoramic light and sound,
365 seeds of days grounded in the salt of the earth,
Harvesting the true self as found,
For the shroud of Turin,
Left many impressions,
An indelible human footprint,
For every human being is incredible,
And the spirit invincible,
No matter what you think.

I am on a long road,
It has been winding,
Many hills to climb,
Yet now I am on the straight and narrow,
The open road is never closed,
It is open all seasons,
For one never stops traveling,
As life is the journey,
Home to truth.

I am deeply happy,
I am never alone,
Yet I walk in aloneness,
And love the freedom of time,
To choose,
For every moment I choose to know myself,
I choose to be true to myself,
And I will pioneer this new terrain,
New thoughts,
For the mustard seed is a grain,
A new variety,
That will harvest the bounty,
For we cannot sink,
When we are flying,
And I feel the flight beneath my life,
And I am in awe at the magic,
That is constantly flowing,
As I learn to live life for myself,
For as I am fulfilled,
I can give more,
My need turned to seed,
My example manifests ample,
And I am never without,
For poverty is no longer my state of play,
As my generosity overflows today,
As I live each day in the moment,
The past dies,
The future surmised,
But now is the moment I live for,
Free from fear,
For this is the tear of gratitude,
That serves my life,
It is my pay,
And I can honesty say,
The greatness is in seeing the beauty,
In your unique face,
For when you do,
You have found grace is real,
And this is the sacred seal,
That cannot been broken,
When opened
To life.

Mohandas Gandhi

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”