Leaving Alice Springs Feeling the Love

Well I had an amazing night with Nicki and told her about my philosophy peppering in the economic language that we are all accustomed to define our reality. We spoke of the consciousness of the planet. This from my perspective is the only way we will turn things around. In the current way of thinking (or consciousness) we believe in fear based systems of governance and the use of fear and control as creating order. In truth it is a system that doesn’t promote democracy which is the true sharing of power and the natural way of people. If we learn to share as community we arrive at far wiser solutions and society feels a sense of self determination and freedom which is important for peace. What I feel is that a power elite governs the world and they are people who, overtime, lose themselves as they are surrounded by people who just say ‘yes’. It is this fear based response to power that says ‘yes’ that is the problem. They don’t trust enough in life to just go with it. Although a few examples are out there of people who stood their ground Andrew Wilkie here in Australia comes to mind and Scott Ritter in the US was also courageous in his revealing of truth. The people who rise to the top are there because others have placed them there. They lose touch with daily reality and reside in a world of abundance and a sense of total control. I’ve worked for people such as this and I have observed it creates a delusional state of being. People identify with power and think this is their identity, in truth it is an attachment to power as self worth. When things go wrong or they fall off the thrown often you see them deteriorate quite quickly.

I believe the world is entering great transition and that we are going to move into a love based reality. I also feel people are going to face repressed issues that will arise. This means more conflict and revealing of truth. The case of Murdoch in the UK is an example of how this looks as truth reveals itself. I saw a very old man fronting the UK inquiry into the phone tapping allegations. There was a point in the testimony of his son James, where he reaches over to touch his arm and announces this is the point of this life where he felt ‘humility’. I found that interesting the way it was announced suddenly. I discussed this with my Buddhist friend this morning. The humility as I have felt it, and the only way I can describe it, is like washing the feet of another. Serving the world as myself. I know this was used in Jesus teachings of washing his disciples feet. The image is to be humble to be lower and in a sense see the greatness all around you. In a dream I had when I saw Gandhi come to me I felt lower than my feet, I felt humbled. The feeling is a deep gratitude washes over you and you wish to give to another as yourself. It maybe a joining with others, the whole, so to speak. I’ve drawn this out a bit as I feel for what is my own truth. Everyone is different.

The issue of person’s acquiring too much power is really a societal issue where money rules. We admire successful wealthy people, they gain disproportionate access to politicians, they can open doors that others can’t. I’ve worked with a few and seen the strings pulled. I saw clearly democracy is a word, I think hypocracy is a more accurate word, I say that with love not bitterness towards society.

Openness, freedom of speech, democracy and values for me are the foundation stones for a balanced, heatlhy and advancing civilisation. Where we are at today is in a system that promotes greed through profit maximisation rewarding those who make lots of money and deeming those who don’t, as failures. It is very simplistic and doesn’t come close to reaching our full potential which has nothing to do with business and damaging the planet. It is to fully live as a loving person contributing to a greater society.

Anyway, found myself on a roll there. Nicky and I had a great chat and I felt we really connected. We were up until 1am (naughty) as I am so tired this is probably not the best, but I may never see her again so why not. I will live.

I actually got a good sleep and was up around 9.30am. Nicky to my amazement had all these nuts, oranges and a few tibetan bracelets for good health and blessings. She gave me a Buddhist book which looked very interesting and $50 to help with petrol. Can you believe how kind people are. I said ‘for god sake you are living loving kindness’ and laughed. We’ve had a lot of laughs her and I as have crazy senses of humour. I just shake my head at the love in people. Then her neighbour Jenny came over and gave me lots of hugs for my trip. She then brought over food for my cold and gave me $20. I am not asking for these things, they are blessing me in their way and it is humbling, let me tell you. How supported we all are. Just giving a bit of love and opening ones heart authentically is what joins all of us. They felt connection with me and probably a sense of understanding with what I am trying to do which is in harmony for the world they want. They are encouraging me to keep going and are friends. I will do my best as each of us must do if we want to see a bright future. My major challenge is resting and staying well. I do exhaust myself, but will work on it. All is good actually.

So I wanted to share this. The world of abundance is the love and kindness in ones mind and heart. It has nothing to do with the FTSE 100 Index or the Fortune top 400 companies. That in truth is the complete opposite. The real power in this world is love and it drives everything. It is indeed the magic of life.

With that I am off to see a few guys about their work and then off to Uluru.

Peace and joy.

Mohandas Gandhi

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”