Let’s Create Many Earth Sanctuary’s

Quite a few years ago I came across a website where there were two very funny guys originally from Melbourne. They and their family chose to come to Alice Springs because they felt a mission to educate people.

What I found interesting about their website is that they had created an earth sanctuary with windpower and they were carbon neutral. Another part of their website communicates information about extraterrestrials. They were talking about 2012 and big changes. They were also monitoring the climate. They had some funny video’s of themselves in spaceships and music videos to communicate to the youth. At the very least they were very creative, but there was a curiosity within me evoked. I went on my world trip but I didn’t forget this group of people who state they are on an earth mission to educate people how to live in harmony with the natural world and to understand that extraterrestrials exist.

I’ve been in touch with these guys for a few days. The clown doctor I stayed with has met them as paramedics. She said they were sweet but she felt a bit vague. So I wasn’t sure if they were just eccentrics or interesting people.

Well I went out to meet them today. Danny said to come around 12, but it was 12.30pm before I left and he had around 5 minutes to share. My feeling was to just meet them and get a vibe if they are interesting or just fun guys.

As I drove into the earth sanctuary I saw solar panels, sheds and windmills. I pulled up and met a man at the front, I thought he just worked there turns out he was the dad. A very unassuming guy, very quiet person. I asked for Danny and he directed me ahead.

This attractive guy comes out and that is Danny. I give him some fresh lime juice my lovely friend Nicky had made. He had an interesting tattoo on his arm, very symbolic and a friendly smile. We walked passed their house and he explained the family lived out here. Then we walked passed what I recognized as a Mayan sculpture and mentioned it quickly. He seemed surprised I knew. I told him about Chichen Itza and the energy I experienced there.

We sat down and talked and I told him about being a world peace clown and my trip around the world. I told him I visited sacred sites. We spoke of earth changes. I won’t go into great detail about our discussion but would urge you to visit their website and decide for yourself what you think is true.

Visit http://projectbluestar.com/wpmu/galacticfederation/ for more information.

They told me they do night shows and they see 10 UFO’s a night in this area. Apparently the area west of the MacDonnell ranges is where the activity is the most intense. They are able to help people to understand and explore this topic. A topic that is not spoken about but it is important the public start to dialogue.

I spent a couple of hours with them and felt it was well worth my visit. They were very articulate and knowledgeable and open minded. I took a few photos with them and left feeling incredibly happy. We live in a changing world and there is much coming that I think will really surprise people. Yet when I think of the way the world is going, I do feel people are seeking significant change. Certainly the planet cannot maintain the lifestyles we have created and the disconnection from the natural world.

So I am heading to Uluru. I’ve just stopped at a road house 200km east of this monolithic site. I have been told by people it has an unbelievable energy, Danny and his brother spoke of it as significant. I definitely felt inspired to come to this place and I am stunned by how beautiful Australia is and the sheer size means you can just be alone out here and just enjoy the vast expanse of your own mind as you travel.

I am in the tent typing away, I just love the fact I have this freedom. I noted I am the only person camping alone, but somehow I feel the privilege in this. That I can without insecurity and just riding on a high that is impossible to describe. My life most definitely has a purpose and I am curious to see what happens.

Well tomorrow Uluru. Have great dreams and dream of a world where we wake up and be one and be in joy. This new world is coming, of that I have no doubt.

Peace and joy.

Mohandas Gandhi

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”