Perth: Friends, New friends and Clowning

I’ve been here a few weeks. Thought I would quickly record some of my impressions.

I noticed how relaxed I am in a new city, have to thank the GPS for that. I just love not knowing where I am and having the voice say turn left in 600 metres. Sometimes it takes me on wild goose chases but I am learning to smile and not fight it, just get to know other parts of Perth.

Perth is actually a very beautiful city. The Swan River and the Indian Ocean outline this city. So frequently you find yourself driving over bridges and water or having the coast nearby. This city is a mining city which I find interesting. I see in the newspapers the Federal Governments focus on expanding mining and uranium and that tells me the mining lobby is successful. Of course when I read that India wants more uranium for peaceful purposes I can feel myself intriqued by the Federal Government advocating trade with India even though it is not part of the Non Proliferation Treaty on nuclear weapons and the fact, like North Korea they have nuclear weapons. The argument here is they are the biggest democracy in the world. Yet in reality there is endemic corruption on the streets of New Delhi, Mumbai and across the country, indeed a way of life. So I love the freedom flags to trade erected in the name of business interest rather than security worldwide. Of course India is occupying Kashmir and it’s conflict with Pakistan over the Jewel to the north is considered the world’s number one nuclear flashpoint. This of course will not be rolled out with the government’s rhetoric. We will just focus on the money and ensure we don’t go down like Europe. That is what I love about expansive thinking that tackles directly the problems the world is facing – economic collapse with more trade, rather than a rethink around the capacity of the earth to fuel this continued paradigm of growth. However, I guess I sit back and wait for nature to remind the world there are natural limits to growth. In the meantime business-as-usual dances and sings to the same tune.

My time here has been very wonderful. I am living for free with a family and will house sit for a few weeks. I have offered some money for expenses and had it politely refused. How kind people are, I am always reminded of the beauty of humanity and it is indeed where I live.

I am becoming closer to the daughter in the house who is 13. A bright bubbly 13 year old going on 18, very strong minded and creative. She is a lover of dance and singing and often I hear her perfect pitch permeating the house with familiar rock songs. I felt to take her clowning with me at a new friends place. They had a baby naming ceremony. My friend Bronwen is friends with these people and the person Kate who conducted the ceremony. I forgot they wanted me to read out a poem I wrote for them the last day i stayed with them (they put me up for two days, keeping me off the street). They were touched by the poem and indeed it was about good parenting and community.

I did that then got dressed in my clown suit. I marvel at my usual ease at clowning, I did a little preparation for performance with Suzie. My juggling is a bit too relaxed as I do drop the clubs from time to time, but I am fine with that. We ran out and twirled ribbon, juggled, I joked with the crowd, hugged, bowed and interviewed people with my juggling clubs about their names. It was a naming ceremony. Then pulled out the singing lion and singing cow and had this lovely little boy just absolutely enjoying the clowns. He got under me a few times and I did accidently drop my club on a little boy. Whoops, thankfully didn’t hurt him but did say to the crowd give it 10 seconds and waaaah and yes he did that, got a little shock, the clubs are light thankfully. My clown is a spectacular looking clown I noted looking at the film and photo’s. I do love connecting with people but I do feel an underlying sorrow in people and inability to let go. This reflects the times we live in. Anyway, Suzie and I may go out and clown together.

I have a few friends here now so it looks like I may stay a while. My inner feeling is to stay, for how long I don’t know. I am waiting for inspiration to show me which way to go.

So far what is coming to me is the work in schools and clowning for xmas parties. One of the good friends I have made is a graphic designer which is exactly what I need to get started. He is a little beauty, he has made my brochures which can be emailed and I can start to put my work out there. You never know who sees it.

There is a council nearby which I will target as well, go to the top. I notice Rotary International has a festival with stalls and will try and get one to showcase my work. I have a little work with Entertainment bank, so will go with that.

I wanted to report a few interesting things that I observed. I was at the University of Western Australia. I just wanted to check it out do some of my own work there. This is what I do when I don’t have a home and find I like the environment. Anyway, UWA is very traditional but beautiful and on the Swan river. I was walking across the grass and picked up rubbish. An academic saw me do it and thanked me and said is it from those men (builders working on scaffolding) I nodded, probably. I noted them watching me. I walk towards a members only coffee shop. This is what I don’t like about universities or business, places for those in and those not. Anyway, I push a few boundaries and just walked up to get a coffee. She asked me on paying if I am a member, I said no. Always honest. This man was in my periphery hovering. Turns out he was listening to our conversation. He then puts his head in and says, she is with me I am a member. I just smiled about life supporting me. How kind he was to feel to do that. So I got to sit there get a glimpse of the water and focus on what I am doing. Where from here.

Today I headed to Murdoch uni to give myself space to contemplate and just work on my own. It was interesting I wanted to order coffee, the lady said the next shop provides it, I said I think they are short staffed, as it was so crowded. She then decided to order me a coffee through the backdoor. She gave me a number and went to the next shop. I seemed to be getting special treatment. I again marvelled at how the universe works. To be honest I am feeling strangely supported in what I do. I am in uncertainty about my work and income and home life but at the same time, all is in perfect order. This is what the flow shows you. I am trying not to control, but do what feels right.

I wrote to a few artists via email to see if I can connect. One apparently is compared to Charlie Chaplin and has great acclaim, another has travelled the world with a foam cup and white glove (makeshift puppet) speaking on world events but in an entertainment frame. So I want to meet him, if he is interested and just find out more. He is a performer, something I need to focus on more. I am typically an educator, who loves being a clown. So funny combo but the reality. I have to find a way to be able to be who I am. Of course it is never secure but you never know, this time I may meet the right people. I only need a few who can see the vision. I will just follow my gut feel as I always do and make it up as I go. Seldom a plan more a feel for where to go.

So now I am off to face painting. Learning balloon twisting as well haha. So maybe by god I may become a real clown and be in demand. I have to laugh I am a world peace clown, but hey why not make some kids happy and just be fun.

With that, have fun, go with the flow and life is grand. Every single moment is magic. I feel an enormous love for this world and some way I will serve humanity in a way that inspires a future that is worthy of all. Sounds grandiose, but who says it is impossible. I will be the last to see limits. The Jester is the truth teller and traditionally was the one to show the king the truth without losing one’s head.

Mohandas Gandhi

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”