Perth: New Experiences and Moving Around

The last couple of weeks I have been house-sitting a lovely place for a family that have become friends. My job was to feed the cat, the goldfish and to water the garden. I have found myself very tired but have started to gain my energy. I didn’t realize how exhausting the traveling has been and have just accepted I am tired. It is so good when the energy comes back.

I’ve had some great experiences since I’ve been here. I’ve stayed with a nice family and got to know their children. One is a former television journalist from Austria, the other is studying and the younger one is at a public school with a focus on art. She is a talented singer and wants to go to Broadway. She definitely has theatre in her. The eldest daughter I didn’t meet. I really like the family. They were popping in to do their washing. One day I just decided to do all the son’s washing, I found myself really enjoying it. I reflected on housework and thought if you do things because you want to it becomes a joy, rather than if I was a mother, for instance, it would feel like endless work. I feel for women who are having lives like this. For me, it was a joy to feel a sense of community. I also made the family my famous Afghan dinners, always loved, I’ve not met one person who doesn’t love this cooking. I love doing it for people as well. In my way I try and contribute. I gave the house a good cleaning, so when my friends returned from overseas, they had a nice house to return to.

I was offered some work to MC at the zoo but they offered cash prizes and ethically I couldn’t do that. As I am in front of children and mother’s I didn’t feel right about in a sense bribing mother’s to go on an adventure ride and then seeing santa to be in the draw. My ethics really came up within me, I actually felt tears as there was a conflict. I wanted the money but ethically I couldn’t, as an example to children, I couldn’t take the job. So I rang my friend who runs this entertainment business and tried to explain how I am ethically. I know in business today people ask you to do something, you don’t say no. However, I am living in a way where I have to be true to my ethics. If I am a peace clown and educator I can’t be involved in sprooking (selling) or influencing people using money. Interestingly, the job was given to someone else and I ended up surfing the net. I found some interesting groups. One of the groups looks for UFO’s. I smiled and thought why not go and check it out. So I did. We lay in the park, the 5 of us and looked into the night sky to see if there was unusual activity. The people I was with were actually really lovely. One was an emergency nurse, the other was a social worker, another was a meditation person who goes out of his body (interesting) and this older guy around 60, he was a former accountant. He was a very interesting guy, into runes, I smiled and told him he is unique. I said how many men your age would be into runes. I recall getting runes a very long time ago when I was at Stonehenge. The Celtic Druids were into runes. When I was at the Orkney Islands, at Maes Howe, I recall some runic inscriptions on the walls left by those using the burial mound for shelter. Very interesting. I noticed on the beach little stones that may have been used for runes. There was an alphabet and they are used for divination. Very interesting. So the group were interesting and really nice. I thought how funny to be lying in the park. I laughingly said to the group it will be funny if someone comes past and sees a group of people lying on towels looking up at the sky. I then added, good thing we aren’t naked, then they would call the police. I had to smile. Anyway, one guy did turn up and I was quick to chat with him so he didn’t feel alarmed, turned out he wasn’t at all and his dog came up and sniffed everyone wagging its tail. We talked and laughed under the stars and I just felt happy to be in nature. They didn’t see any UFO’s but some were so keen to. They did see a flash across the sky which excited them. I should point out one of the guys has seen them before. I have met quite a few people of have seen them in the sky. They are often described as lights, sometimes coloured lights, they can flash or just glow and move in straight lines. Suddenly they can shoot off at a right angle. I’ve seen plenty on Youtube as well. As people have more cameras now, they are being filmed. My understanding is they want to be seen. I said to the group, one day they may just pick you up and laughed. So be careful what you ask for haha.

I also explored another group who are into expanded consciousness. We sat in King’s Park and I was curious about who they would be. There was a couple of guys and a lady. She had been a Sharman and had quite a lot of esoteric knowledge. She was respectful of other’s and allowed them to talk. She was a natural communicator and teacher I noted. The other guys were younger, in their 30’s. one was very switched on younger man, the other a miner. Interestingly he had had an outer body experience and was so inspired by it he wanted to know more and have another if he could. He had never been into esoteric, so for him it was a journey. I thought how fascinating the walks of life who come to explore life in its variety. The lady conducting the group was a social worker. She had children and had explored a wide range of modalities. She also had experiences, so it was fun to listen to their experiences, and throw in my bit.

I thought whilst I am here I will explore more groups. I’ve never been a group person as I tend to go it alone. However, I will check in with others, and see what they are up to.

I have left the family now and am couch surfing further south of Perth. I am staying with a couple. The wife is into coordinating volunteers into schools. The volunteers are mentors. We’ve had some great conversations about politics and life. She would be left wing and has studied aboriginal affairs at university. I am finding her very interesting and a person who is community minded. She wants to see a stronger community and she is looking at working directly with indigenous people. The indigenous face challenges with feuding families. I put to her they felt frustration with white people and turned it inward. She said partly, but also they are holding grudges for a long time and stories get passed down which fuel hatred. I found that interesting. How to undertake conflict resolution with them is an interesting issue. I would be interested being involved as a clown and creating connection, then teaching them about seeing differently and skills in resolving conflict. So you never know.

Couch surfing is great, as I can’t afford rent at this time and I am still waiting to see why I am here. Spiritually I am waiting for greater clarity as to what I am to do. Moving is good as I am meeting people and learning. I went to the Salvation Army today and talked to one of the managers. I told him about my work as a peace clown, conflict resolution training and public speaking skills. He heads up all the pastoral religious teachers in schools. Whilst I am not religious they may find a role for me in schools. He has suggested a few schools that I should connect with. So I will follow up the leads.

I am also reflecting on my International Peace and Sustainability Award, I would like to see this somehow happen. So I am reflecting on how. I just purchased Richard Branson’s book ‘Screw Business As Usual’, very good title. As I was reading his book I could see he thinks the same as me. I see him as a normal bloke with good values. Apparently his parents instilled a charitable ethic of helping others in his childhood and he has always felt pulled to utilize his business to ‘do good in the world’. I really like him as a person and particularly his humour. I am sure the clowning could be good for Virgin. I had a lovely inspired image of a Virgin clown plane, perhaps they could have a joke painted on. Could be fun if they get captured by the clown idea to inspire change. Never know if you never have a go, hey. I know Patch has a plane called Clown One, sounds like Airforce One doesn’t it. I prefer a plane with lots of fun and props, instead of oxygen coming down could have puppet masks. Why not. When we take a lighter approach to life, we start to enjoy it and creativity activates. I think in society we have taken ourselves way to seriously and business-as-usual has become increasingly damaging to the planet. Branson speaks of that in his book and the importance of connecting with community and creating products that are healthy for the planet. The truth is, if they do not turn the titanic around, it will sink and is sinking. The ice caps are the number one issue.

I had a very interesting day yesterday. I headed further south to a place called Mandurah. Apparently there are dolphins going up and down canals there. Sadly didn’t see any as I love them but found out there were thrombolites there. They are the cousins of the Stromatalites the earliest oxygen producing rocks (covered in bacteria). I got excited. In fact I definitely felt the pull of the planet to go and see these living rocks (they are called) which are 600 million years old. Wow. Here is a little about them, I will do a full update on them in the next blog.

Living Rocks

Thrombolites, Lake Clifton, Western Australia Thrombolites, ‘living rocks’, are the most common form of microbialites, which are rock-like structures built by micro-organisms. One of the few places in the world where the thrombolites grow is at Lake Clifton in Western Australia’s Yalgorup National Park which is located 32 kilometres south of Mandurah. The lake is also one of only two sites known where microbialites occur in water less salty than sea water. The lake contains the largest lake-bound microbialite reef in the southern hemisphere which is over 6kms long and widens in parts to 120m. The thrombolite structures reach heights of up to 1.3m.

I went out on a platform like a pier and saw the Thrombolites, they were large domes under the water. They were the organisms that brought oxygen to the planet. I felt so inspired and met a lady on the platform who said she was so excited to them. They are indeed ancient dinosaurs, far older than the dinosaurs. I had to climb down and stand on them, I felt a strong desire to connect to the energy of these ancient rocks. I feel such a strong urge to connect with the planet, so I follow my urges.

On my way back I stopped at a local vineyard. I had stopped earlier for the toilet and asked the lady there if I could buy a coffee with an ATM card. She said no, she offered to give me a coffee for free. So I mozied on in. She and her husband were at the bar. She made me a coffee. I told them my story and she became very interested. The husband was quite argumentative and questioned why I had to travel the world to find peace, you can find it in your room. I explained to him that to test fears you have to go out into the world. For example I would feel no fear in my room as I feel safe, when I think to camp in the desert, fears come up. So I wanted to test that. He had trouble understanding that but I told him firmly, that is my experience and that is what I chose. We then got onto environmental issues. He was a clear climate skeptic, his wife asked me what I thought. I said definitely climate change is happening. On my trip around the world it was evident the nature is changing and you can see from the sky (flying) human impacts. Moreover, I didn’t tell them this – many locals in many countries I asked had the climate changed? and I was told universally, yes! I also see the melting of the ice caps a clear problem given the electromagnetic field of the planet. I discovered an interesting fact the other day which stated the moon is shifting away from the earth a few centremeters a year. A scientist who shoots a beam of light to a reflector on the moon and measures the time it takes to go to the moon and return finds it is returning at slightly slowere rate. That means the gravitational field is weakening, I pondered if this was reflecting the changing electromagnetic field. Our brains are also made up of electromagnetic energy and the sun pulses out solar flares which charge up the electromagnetic field. As ice melts it weakens the field and magnetic poles. The field protects the earth from cosmic and solar radiation, so it is an important shield.

I spoke to this man of the importance of respecting differences in these debates. He quickly relegated me to the greeny left and I called him on that. I said to him I am not associated with the environmentalists yet you have decided to divide me by labeling me as ‘the other’. I am a peace clown and this is my experience. I made clear to him that if he is a Christian to live the commandment ‘to love thy neighbour as thyself’ comes to mind. Perhaps he doesn’t love himself, that is the core issue actually. He had mentioned to me earlier that he was a Christian. I found it hypocritical to criticize people and demonise them. Even the Prime Minister he had a go at – he was not showing tolerance or acceptance of difference, I could really see that. I said to him it is fine for you to differ in opinion to me, I really don’t mind, I have no issue with that, but don’t insult me. He said I had no heart, which was an interesting comment given I’ve sacrificed most of my life to work for society, it is all from the heart. It was his way of putting me down a pattern I assume he has done for years. I confronted him directly with this and asked why? He didn’t answer. He had a moment in this debate where he spoke of Buddhism, he spoke of a man he met who had impacted him. He was very still and welcoming to him. I noticed his energy change and I saw a beauty in his face as he recalled the energy of this Buddhist and the peace he had felt in the presence of this man. I felt that was the path for him and I told him he was peaceful speaking about Buddhism. When he got onto environmentalism or climate change he visibly changed and became aggressive. I found that interesting. In the end I told them I have to go. The wife in the meantime had made me another coffee and brought me cake. She was very impressed and felt she was unable to do what I was doing. I don’t see what I’ve done as courageous, I have challenged my thinking really. Anyway, she and I hugged and I gave my website. She was very interested to look it up. I went over and hugged the man with no negative feeling at all towards him. He said ‘you will probably hate me’, I said ‘not at all’. I meant it. I saw the beauty in this man when he spoke of Buddhism and that was who he really is. Sadly debate and having to be right changes people and they become aggressive when really we can learn from others. It doesn’t matter if they don’t share the same knowledge, respect makes room for freedom of speech. This is the heart of democracy and the more we speak to each other without sinking to put downs, we can find middle ground and eventually come to a point to solve problems. I believe that is the future. I told him earth changes are coming, I said climate change has been a diversion. My personal feeling is that the earth changes are being driven by: firstly, solar flare activity, secondly, human induced climate change and last, the planet itself changing. Human induced climate change is important as we are interfering with the natural balance of the planet. We are operating business-as-usual without any depth of understanding of how what we do impact the natural systems. Business people are not ecologists. Moreover, increasing population growth is a key issue, currently approximately 6 billion people are consuming on this planet and with available credit, more are taking on the capitalist model. They are all encouraged and aspiring to live a US based lifestyle, this means we need 4 earths. The planet cannot sustain this type of consumption, period. This is the reality. When you extract natural resources, particularly non renewables, this is the place of no return, it is used, it is gone. Moreover, the oil for example is a heavy weight, what happens when you transform it into gases, how does that affect tectonic plates. Do we question the weight displacements and the axis. Earthquakes affect the axis, what actually happens when the axis shifts. When you pump CO2 up into the atmosphere and continue to deforest native forests, the trees can only sink so much carbon. Moreover, they house complex ecosystems that pine plantations will not recover. Species extinction becomes a real issue as humans encroach on these habitats. Increased volcanic activity spews exponential amounts of CO2 up into the atmosphere and warming occurs as the gases are trapped. As the temperatures both atmospheric and ocean temperature rise, we see melting of permafrosts (which have methane gas underneath) another greenhouse gas. Then we witness shrinking of the iceshelf’s, polar bears drowning as they can’t find ice, fish stocks moving as ocean temperatures warm, coral reefs bleaching and no longer a food source for a wide range of aquatic species and on it goes.

The melting of the icecaps is the key tipping event in my viewpoint. I felt that intuitively and I am watching it. It will stop the Gulf Stream and an ice age in Europe will occur. More than that it stagnates the oceans and life dies. The ocean conveyor (Gulf Stream) is what regulates temperature in the ocean and moves currents around the world and affects climate. Apparently one cycle takes 1,000 years, fascinating hey. I laugh when we all talk with authority about nature, no-one knows the depth of the balance and the fact that Gaia is indeed a living organism. She is taking over and correcting the imbalances. In truth it is not nature that is in danger, it is humankind. We have to face ourselves and change the way we live. That is coming from the planet, not the environmentalists, try arguing with nature. You will always lose.

Anyway, I drove off from there and returned to the couch surfing place. It will be interesting to be here for a week and then I am not sure. I will just keep following my heart and see where it leads me. I love learning from diverse people. Fascinating.

Mohandas Gandhi

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”