Tennant Creek to Devils Marbles

I stayed overnight with Leonie. I didn’t get a great sleep. I hear the indigenous people fighting, they are very loud. I am pretty exhausted from the few days in a remote community but on the whole happy.

My mother rang to say hi so we caught up. My voice sounds pretty husky as my… Continue reading

Australia: Largest Producer of the World’s Opals

Spoke to an expert on opals, really interesting subject. Here is some information.

Australia produces around 97% of the world’s opal. 90% is called ‘light opal’ or white and crystal opal. White makes up 60% of the opal productions but cannot be found in all of the opal fields. Crystal opal or pure hydrated… Continue reading

Winton to Mount Isa

Mount Isa is around 468km from Winton. I camped overnight, visited the opal and Dinosaur museum ($5). I found out that Australia supplies 97% of the world’s opal’s. I didn’t know that. It is fascinating to look at the amazing blues and greens in opal. Yet their value is not comparable to gold, although in… Continue reading

Australia: Inland Sea and Temperature

What had gone before?

For much of the previous Jurassic period, 208 to 144 million years ago, Australia had been above sea level and was warm and swampy. Australia was still part of Gondwana but during the Jurassic the great continent was beginning to break up and signs of this movement were seen in the… Continue reading

Winton: Dinosaurs

Evidence of dinosaurs in this region. When i walked through the museum I imagined what it may have been like to live amongst dinosaurs, they were all shapes and sizes. The environment was lush and sub-tropical. Today it is dry and arid yet incredibly diverse and dynamic. We are only one minute to twelve on… Continue reading

Charleville to Ilfracombe Outback Queensland

Today is Thursday 11th August. I awoke to a motorcycle warming up. I found this at another caravan park, they warm their bikes. They are not thinking of the rumble affecting all the sleeping campers. I have to laugh. I used to ride a bike, I know why they warm up, but they can take… Continue reading

Aboriginal Medical Lore

I was speaking with an elderly man today with a very painful back. We spoke of medicines and he said that the by product of the painkillers he took caused more problems. It led me to think about natural remedies and finding ways to cure without chemicals.

The aboriginal people were great healers. Here is… Continue reading

Adapting to Natures Song


The cool air descends,
The moisture like diamonds forms droplets on the tent of my life,
I can hear the camping ground falling to sleep,
As dogs bark in the distance,
For I am in a dusty town,
An oasis of life,
In a vast expanse of a country,
I do… Continue reading


Mohandas Gandhi

“Nobody can hurt me without my permission.”