Coolgardie to Perth


I awoke at the caravan park, there had been a big wind overnight and my walls were flapping around all night.  I had to laugh my bed started to go down, must be a small hole, had to pump it up twice in the night.

I got up and packed away the tent.… Continue reading

Madura to Coolgardie

I drove from Madura to Coolgardie today and clocked it at 694.5km. It was a long drive and I had to stop every 2 hours to try and revitalise myself. Not much exercise on these trips, much sitting and endurance, I realised today endurance is not about physical it is about mental toughness. I am… Continue reading

Penong SA to Madura WA

The Nullabor is famous here in Australia as a desolate place and you can only wonder how the Indigenous survived.  I am guessing there were underground caves and they would have mapped it out.  There is a beauty in the emptiness and treeless Nullabor.  You can easily imagine if you broke down,… Continue reading

Leaving Port Augusta and heading for Ceduna

I travelled from Port Augusta to Penong which was 540km from Port Augusta. I detoured 100kms to Streaky Bay which was indeed a Bay but didn’t really interest me to stay. It was a lovely day quite a bit of wind, easterlies which can have an affect on petrol consumption. Not too much traffic on… Continue reading

Port Augusta: Indigenous Issues

Had an interesting day today. Slept in and did my blog. The day went fast. I had a mechanic have a look over my car to make sure all is good, I have a big haul to Perth tomorrow. Will head to Ceduna.

I bought a present for the sisters here, some reflective happy face… Continue reading

Port Augusta, Living with Nuns and Flinders Ranges

I have been in Port Augusta for nearly a week. It has been a wonderful week with the Sisters of Mercy. I am staying with a Catholic group of 3 nuns sharing a house. One of them is my friend who I met many years ago as she was a circus performer, very good at… Continue reading

Life in Adelaide and Musings

I awoke around 10am. I was very tired. I find my body gets very achy from driving. I felt very happy and found myself reflecting on this. I turned my phone on and in that precise moment it rang. It was Owen, he was my friend formerly with UNESCO. He is a former Principal and… Continue reading

Travelling to Mount Gambier and on to Adelaide

I had a wonderful stay in the camping ground near Lorne with Eliza and her friend Jono. Her friend is a sound engineer and musician. Lovely guy very friendly and peaceful. He told me he loved his work but has to learn to get out in the great outdoors and enjoy life more.

They offered… Continue reading

Leaving Melbourne for the Great Ocean Road

I have spent a few days in Melbourne to say goodbye to a few more friends. A good friend decided to buy me a ipod to replace the one that seems to have disappeared. I never did find my mobile but my feeling is that I am moving on and this new number will suffice.… Continue reading

Canberra: Family and Parliament

My mother put on a twin birthday for my older brother and his daughter. I had spent a few days with my younger brother and had a really lovely time with him. I gave him many strategies to deal with feeling flat and hopeless. I gave him plenty of materials and encouraged him to face… Continue reading


Mohandas Gandhi

“An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”